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December 07 2011

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Check out this cool calendar navigation Sven built for his Soup! Amazing.

/me says kitchen made me a sou-pa-sta for a day. Thank you  Karl Agius
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Geithner Backs French-German Plan for Tighter EU - Bloomberg

Geithner Backs French-German Plan for Tighter EU
Timothy Geithner, US treasury secretary, left, arrives for a joint press conference with Wolfgang Schaeuble, Germany's finance minister, in Berlin, Germany, on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011. ...
US prods Europe on crisis, publicly and privatelyThe Associated Press
US prods Europe on crisis, publicly and privatelySeattle Post Intelligencer
Eurozone debt crisis: Geithner to meet
BusinessWeek -San Francisco Chronicle
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@oAnth - what hypocrasy! ...

"Geithner Backs French-German Plan for Tighter EU" | Bloomberg is just turning around the perspective of interests - Merkel, the dealer between World Bank, IMF and the ECB - what an easy job for Geitner! Europe was sold out by her in 2008 (together with Peer Steinbrück and Joseph Ackermann) up to 2010 (with DSK) when the first Greek crisis was "regulated" by bringing the IMF in the Eurozone. There has been enough articles and statements from then on to show that this was the worst what she under any circumstances could do.

Since then Europe has been trapped by her and the international financial institutions, carrying on from one financial disaster to the next, by enforcing Europe in the austerity agony.

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December 06 2011

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Should Greece Pull Out of the Euro?

Costas Lapavitsas: The Greek people face a decade of depression in the Eurozone, better to leave and make major reforms

Time: 15:44 More in News & Politics
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