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November 15 2011

Societas Podcast - Craig Calhoun, President » Blog Archive » Episode #8: Populism, Tea Parties and Occupations - 2011-10-28 (interview ~30 min)

// IN this second series of interviews for the podcast Societas, editorial director Paul Price gets sociologist and historian Craig Calhoun to explore the various strands of social, economic, and political change that are creating the sense that advanced capitalist societies are coming “unstuck.” Radical populism on the right and left, deindustrialization in the North and an economic boom in the South, failing financial institutions, political gridlock, the reawakening of geopolitics after the heyday of globalization, the Arab Spring: grab a seat and take a listen to the astute and balanced assessments of Professor Calhoun as he puts the apparent chaos of the moment in solid historical perspective.

In this first interview, Calhoun explains the similarities and differences of the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movements and locates their antecedents in the long history of social movements in the U.S. //

( complete quote from the introductory note)
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Muhammad Yunus: "Im Zweifel müssen Banken aufgespalten werden" | Wirtschaft | ZEIT ONLINE 2011-11-15

Die Banken sind für die Krise in Europa verantwortlich, sagt der Nobelpreisträger Muhammad Yunus. Im Interview erklärt er, wie ihre Macht beschränkt werden kann.
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Arab World: Is the NYPD “Pulling a Mubarak?”

Arab netizens are watching with awe news of New York police forcefully evicting Occupy Wall Street protesters at Zuccotti Park in New York. Some say they are “pulling a Mubarak” in reference to the brutal manner in which Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak dealt with protesters who ousted him in the Egyptian revolution.

Among them is Egyptian activist Gigi Ibrahim, who is in New York, who notes that the New York police force is “pulling a Mubarak” in the way they suppress protests:

@Gsquare86: Cut trains, prevent press, tear up tents, use pepper spray, & arrest journalists ? NYPD are pulling a Mubarak on #Occupywallst

She adds:

@Gsquare86: NYPD is reminding me of Egyptian Army raiding of Tahrir sq on Aug 1st to end July8 sit in OWS..same pigs different face

and continues:

@Gsquare86: NYPD chasing OWS around lower manhattan. It would almost be comical if it wasn't so sad.

Bahraini writer Ali Al Saeed notes:

@alialsaeed: What's funny is that Obama has a lot to say about arabspring yet fails to recognize what's going in in his own backyard.

Egyptian Mosa'ab Elshamy adds:

@mosaaberizing: If they were *really* inspired by Tahrir, now maybe a good time for the Occupy protesters to test their rock-throwing skills. Just saying.

And Egypt-based journalist Bel Trew asks:

@Beltrew: Why are police forces& governments around the world so terrified of people occupying spaces?When will this violence end?it's shameful

Meanwhile, UAE-based journalist Tom Gara jokes:

@tomgara: Every time you seriously compare Occupy protests to the Arab uprisings, God kills a puppy.

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