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September 18 2011


After l’affaire Spitzer, readers in comments have repeatedly noted that Schneiderman had better be squeaky clean since he would be targeted by private investigators, as Spitzer clearly was. This Post “story” looks to have been the result of private investigators going after Schneiderman’s staff, with the intent of intimidating them and embarrassing and discrediting him. This report is even less specific than the one the Post filed on the maid who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of rape and clearly came from private investigators in the employ of DSK. And those sensationalistic charges, that she was a hooker, that the union had placed her in the hotel and had some sort of profit sharing arrangement, that she was turning tricks while under protective custody, all appear to have been fabrications (they initially sounded plausible because they were detailed, but the maid is suing the Post for defamation, and a source has indicated that there is no evidence that she was a prostitute).

Are Private Investigators Being Used to Intimidate New York Attorney General Schneiderman’s Staff? | naked capitalism - 2011-09-18

September 17 2011


Georg Friedrich Händel

(c. 1718)

A Serenata; or Pastoral Entertainment

Words by John Gay, Alexander Pope and John Hughes

Galatea (soprano)

Acis (tenor)

Damon (tenor)

Polyphemus (bass)

Chorus of Shepherds and Shepherdesses


Händel scores to download

complete libretto


Performer:  Dame Joan SutherlandOwen BranniganPeter PearsDavid Galliver
Conductor:  Sir Adrian Boult
Orchestra/Ensemble:  St. Anthony SingersPhilomusica of London -  1959

about this recording

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