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August 14 2011


... the riots are a political catastrophe, too. The right was already the great beneficiary of the economic crisis. They are now set to emerge strengthened from these riots, too.

This is far from an unpredictable consequence. When riots shook US cities in the 1960s and 1970s, millions of formerly Democratic-voting, white working-class people drifted into the waiting arms of the populist right. It was called ‘backlash', and it still influences the US political system today.

We are already experiencing our own backlash here. According to one YouGov poll, nine out of ten want to see water cannon deployed; a majority want the army to get involved; and a third want live bullets to be used on rioters. Twitter is buzzing with contempt for "feral youths" and a "lazy underclass", with lots of violent rhetoric about what should be done to them. Making a link between people on benefits and the riots is widespread.


The riots are a catastrophe | Owen Jones - 2.0.2 - - 2011-08-10
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As William Wall argues, we are living in neoliberal times, in which structural inequalities are at their highest since the 19th Century, and we should begin to articulate these riots in this context; as Zygmunt Bauman pointed out ‘these are riots of defective and disqualified consumers’; or as Laurie Penny aptly argues, they are about grasping some power or rebalancing the balance of power. These are all thoughtful reflections to articulate the riots. They are all commendable, as are the videos of the Hackney Afro-Caribbean woman and the Darcus Howe interview. I am certain that, in times of discontent, we all gather our knowledge and experience to address the present, and expertise is not necessarily a required skill.

We have all heard strangers on the tube or the bus opening up to each other, trying to share their experiences and understanding of these days. All of these could be an attempt to grasp our reality, to share our vulnerability, concerns and hope – an attempt to address and share the present. I haven’t got the experience and historical knowledge of the UK that Howe has or, Penny’s on the ground journalistic facticity, or Bauman’s theoretical knowledge, but I have a moving image playing on my mind and the interview with that woman from Ealing given to the Sky reporter yesterday morning to go by. Let’s see what I can make of them. Let’s just turn to the woman from Ealing first.

Here is an approximation of the story. The woman from Ealing was telling the Sky reporter that a group of rioters, three or four, she could not be precise on either the number or their gender as they were wearing black masks and hoodies, broke into the front room of her house. Her voice was shaking when she was reiterating the story. As they were standing around looking into the house, she somehow asked them ‘What do you want?’, to which they did not reply. They just said to each other ‘let’s go’.  ‘What do you want?’ ‘Let’s go’.


the mentioned links (besides many others) in this quotation you may find bundled together via

Riots and Ineloquence | Critical Legal Thinking - Elena Loizidou - 2011-08-11

August 13 2011

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - " 6 Notturni " | 1786 

yt-account: Phebus74

The six Notturni, were published in 1803 under the name of Gottfried von Jacquin, a friend of Mozart’s. It was not until 1933 that they were restored to their rightful composer!

-"Due pupille amabili" KV 439 (?Pietro Metastasio)
-"Se lontan,ben mio,tu sei" KV 438 (Pietro Metastasio)
-"Ecco quel fiero istante" KV 436 (Pietro Metastasio)
-"Mi lagnerò tacendo" KV 437 (Pietro Metastasio)
-"Luci care,luci belle" KV 346/439a (Pietro Metastasio)
-"Più non si trovano" KV 549 (Pietro Metastasio)
Elly Ameling,soprano
Elisabeth Cooymans,soprano
Peter Van der Bilt,baritono

Dipinto di Ludovico Carracci

Links to scores to download and to the original Italian texts with translations in several languages you will find via

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