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June 17 2011


This alliance doesn’t want that. It wants a selection, not an election, and to rob the people from having a clear choice between parties, which is the exact opposite of what this revolution aimed to achieve. They can call it a National Unity government, a United electoral list, whatever, it’s still designed to rob the people from having any real say on who in the parties gets to represent them locally, unless it’s an independent candidate, and very few of those who aren’t NDP actually have a prayer in hell ‘s chance for winning such an election.

Unholy Alliance | 2011-06-16
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RT @Sandmonkey - () On the Unholy alliance between the 12 parties & the MB. Plz Read & Retweet! // #Egypt #elections

- MB: Muslim Brotherhood
Twitter / 02mytwi01: RT @Sandmonkey - () | 2011-06-16

June 16 2011


Critique on #LulzSec via Wikileaks - hacker codex

at twitter 2011-06-16:

RT @wikileaks - WikiLeaks supporters, #LulzSec, take down CIA who has task force into #WikiLeaks //

The critique is in the tweet not evident at all.

cf.: critique on #LulzSec in the article, linked by @wikileaks, at - 2011-06-16

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