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June 11 2011


Idlib province, which is only 45 minutes from Aleppo is the eye of the hurricane. The government is poring troops into the region to make sure it remains under firm control. Syria cannot afford to lose territory where an insurgency or rebel army might emerge. Damascus will do everything it can to preclude the formation of a Benghazi, which would allow foreign intelligence agencies and governments to begin arming and training a rebel army, as happened in Libya.

Syria Comment » Archives » Idlib and Aleppo | blog 2011-06-10

JORGE SEMPRUN, L'ECRITURE ET LA VIE - Documentaires - France5

Jorge Semprun, a Spanish writer, left-wing activist and former culture minister, died "very peacefully" on Tuesday at his home in Paris aged 87. Semprun returned from French exile after World War II to join the struggle against Franco's regime.


Jorge Semprun fut écrivain, scénariste et homme politique espagnol dont l'essentiel de l'oeuvre littéraire rédigé en français, témoigne de l'Histoire, des lieux et des événements, des hommes et des femmes, qui ont inspiré son écriture et lui ont permis de survivre. Ce film débute par un discours de Jorge Semprun à Buchenwald à l'occasion du 65e anniversaire de la libération du camp par l'armée américaine. Il évoque les premiers regards effarés des soldats américains qu'il décrit dans "L'écriture ou la vie". A Madrid, où il naquit près du Musée du Prado, il parle de son enfance avec ses frères et ses soeurs en compagnie de leur père, et où, plus tard, clandestin, il s'y cachera, attendant les missions pour le Parti Communiste espagnol en exil. A Biriatou, un village frontalier des Pyrénées, Jorge Semprun se remémore ce lieu de passage que sa famille emprunta en 1939 pour fuir le Franquisme. Il avait alors 16 ans. Ses confidences sur son engagement politique et son regard personnel sur la construction européenne s'entremêlent avec les événements exceptionnels auxquels il participa, et plongent, ainsi, le téléspectateur dans les soubresauts du XXe siècle. Vidéo intégrale disponible jusqu’au vendredi 17 juin 2011 à 21:57

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Spain: Protests Evolve, but Tensions Continue

The mobilizations that started on May 15 in Spain have gradually evolved into local meetings, gatherings and different kinds of initiatives all over the country. Most activists are not focusing on the camps any more. On June 12, campers decided to leave the Madrid square “Puerta del Sol”, which became the physical symbol of the people's unease with their political representatives. Netizens are calling this shift “Sol se mueve” (Sol is moving), and using the tag #solsemueve on Twitter.

This does not mean that the movement has died. Assemblies and reunions co-exist with specific actions, like the marches towards city councils on June 11 to protest against the investiture of politicians charged with corruption. In Madrid, the capital city, a sit-in ended up with police charging against demonstrators, which can be seen on the videos widely shared online, like this one by journalist Juan Luis Sánchez ofPeriodismo Humano [es]:

The demonstrations can be followed through the #15menpleno tag on Twitter:

dar1o: En madrid cantan levantando las manos: estas son nuestras armas! #15menpleno #acampadasol

dar1o In madrid singing while they raise their hands: these are our weapons! #15menpleno #acampadasol

bufetalmeida: Concejales que pierden el miedo y se unen a los manifestantes. Sin escolta, sin coche oficial. Sin miedo, son el futuro. #15Menpleno

bufetalmeida: Political representatives who are losing their fear and joining demonstrators. Without bodyguards, without official cars. No fear, they are the future. #15Menpleno

@Acampadabcn: En Palma de Mallorca, porrazos y tres detenidos. ¡Tod@s a la comisaría d San Ferrán ahora mismo! #15menpleno

@Acampadabcn: Beatings and three people detained in Palma de Mallorca. Everybody come to the San Ferrán police station right now!” #15menpleno

Madrid, June 11, 2011. Photo by and courtesy of Cristina Marí, @cristinagayart.

Madrid, June 11, 2011. Photo by and courtesy of Cristina Marí, @cristinagayart.

Madrid, June 11, 2011. Photo by and courtesy of Cristina Marí, @cristinagayart.

Madrid, June 11, 2011. Photo by and courtesy of Cristina Marí, @cristinagayart.

Two days before, on June 9, people marched towards the Congress to protest against the latest budget cuts that have left many people in precarious economic situations and in an even more vulnerable position. This was widely covered by Spanish media [es]. It was also the most commented topic through social media that day, mainly through the #15mfrentealcongreso tag:

phumano: Emocionado abrazo al coreado “abuelo de la revolución” #15M, #15Mfrentealcongreso, por J Bauluz

phumano: Demonstrator hugs the acclaimed “grandfather of the revolution”  #15M, #15Mfrentealcongreso, by J Bauluz

The "Grandfather of Spanish Revolution". Shared by Patricia Simón for Periodismo Humano

Some people also oppose the mobilizations and insist that the police evict activists from public spaces:

DarkPlooKoon: Hay más policía que civiles y no pueden desalojar. ¿Que es esto señor Rubalcaba? ¡VERGONZOSO! #19J #15MFRENTEALCONGRESO

DarkPlooKoon: There are more policemen than civilians and they can't evict them. What is this, Mr. Rubalcaba? Shameful!  #19J #15MFRENTEALCONGRESO [Note: Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba is the Deputy Prime Minister]

The mobilizations show an increasingly wider gap between the people and  the government in Spain, which has become even more visible three members of the international hacktivist organization Anonymous were detained under accusations of “piracy and hacking of official websites.” The police proudly announced the detention through an official communication [es]:

La cúpula del grupo Anonymous ha sido desarticulada en nuestro país.

The leadership of Anonymous group in Spain has been dismantled in our country.

The pictures in which the Police shows the masks that the members of Anonymous use to engage in allegedly criminal activity have been widely shared online:

Shared by Policía (Spanish National Police) on Twitter

The arrest has been widely covered by international media. It has also led Spanish Internet users to make fun at the government's lack of understanding of how the Internet works:

@dbravo: Nada, un grupo de amigos que se reunen siempre en un mismo sitio. No digo más, que nos desarticulan.

@dbravo: Im meeting some friends at our usual spot, but I´ll say no more so we are not dismantled.

Anonymous, just as most Spanish netizens, have fiercely opposed the passing of the 2009 Sustainable Economy Bill, which  allows the government to decide which sites should be blocked or have their content removed, representing a big blow against net neutrality (please read post on Global Voices Advocacy). It is another proof of the gap between people and their political representatives, which has caused different participatory initiatives to foment political awareness. Movements have also grown in other countries, becoming more and more global, as seen in this video shared by France 2:



But Marx has a nuanced and socially specific conception of the actor:

Against both these positions -- the nonsocial individualism of political economy and the uncritical holism of speculative philosophy -- Marx puts forward an alternative position. On this account the socialized individual is the ultimate unit of analysis in social explanation. "Individuals producing in society -- hence socially determined production -- is of course the point of departure" (Grundrisse 83).... On this account society is not a freestanding entity, and social relations exist only through the individuals who stand within them. At the same time, however, individuals exist only within particular sets of historically given social relations. Consequently, social explanations must begin with a concrete conception of the individual within specific social relations." (150)

These assumptions about social actors conform fairly well to the assumptions incorporated into analytical sociology. 

UnderstandingSociety: Marx an analytical sociologist? | blog - 2011-06-11
Conserving a medieval manuscript | State Library of Victoria - Australia

When the Library decided to restore a 15th-century book, the process was documented. Follow the conservation treatment undertaken on the 15th-century English manuscript

"Pilgrimage of the life of man, and pilgrimage of the soul"

for the exhibition The medieval imagination.

Read the transcript

Textual description – Pilgrim's progress Video

This Pilgrim's progress video is presented on a black background with floral detail reflecting a medieval illustrative motif around the edges of the screen. Images and captions describe the conservation process of one of the Library's medieval manuscripts.

Frame 1

The Library’s conservation section undertook major conservation treatment of the 15th-century English manuscript Pilgrimage of the life of man, and Pilgrimage of the soul for the exhibition The medieval imagination.

Frame 2

Extensive damage to the vellum leaves and brittle glue on the folds of the spine made it very difficult to handle and display without causing further damage to this precious item, so after much research and discussion it was decided to treat and rebind the manuscript.

Frame 3

Image of manuscript being disbound from damaged 17th-century binding. The disbound sections showed a thick layer of animal glue on vellum folds.

Frame 4

The vellum leaves on left have been cleaned and repaired.

Frame 5

Extensive research into the repair method of the vellum leaves was undertaken by senior conservator Jane Hinwood. A team of five conservators spent weeks repairing the vellum pages in preparation for rebinding.

Frame 6

While it was unbound it was possible to carry out a scientific analysis of the pigments and inks.

Frame 7

Deborah Lau, analytical conservation scientist from the CSIRO, undertook non-destructive x-ray fluorescence analysis and azurite, vermillion and tin-lead yellow were positively identified in the text and illuminations.

Frame 8

Image of equipment used in the analysis.

Frame 9

In-depth research into English medieval binding and discussion with conservation colleagues from the UK fed into the decisions about how to rebind the manuscript.

Frame 10

Book conservator Ian Cox sewed together the repaired sections of the manuscript on a sewing frame.

Frame 11

Image of the completed sewn textblock with endbands.

Frame 12

Then, boards were prepared and attached to the textblock.

Frame 13

Once the boards are attached, the manuscript is ready for covering.

Frame 14

The next step is attaching an alum tawed leather cover. Damp goat skin is tied up with linen thread in a finishing press to form pronounced raised bands.

Frame 15

To finish the covering, the manuscript's alum tawed goat skin, adhered to boards, is trimmed. The textblock is wrapped in wax paper for protection. Archival materials were used in the binding which will protect this precious collection item for the future.

Frame 16

The manuscript was successfully rebound using a non-adhesive binding style and covered with white alum tawed goat skin, sympathetic in appearance with a 15th-century English medieval manuscript.

Frame 17

Image of the re-bound manuscript open on a workbench.

Frame 18

Book conservator Ian Cox holds the completed manuscript at a workbench in the conservation laboratory.

Rätsel zum Wochenende

Da die naturwissenschaftlichen Rätsel immer schnell gelöst wurden, diesmal etwas aus einem anderen Bereich. Wir suchen einen Kunstgegenstand und seinen Standort.

Dem Sieger winkt wie immer ewiger Ruhm und als besondere Anerkennung ein Schälchen frischer Sprossen.


// oAnth

Google Suche: Türkenmadonnen

2 pdfs zu Türkenmadonnen:

a) Das religiös geprägte Türkenbild

b) Feindbild Islam – Feindbild Christentum

die hier gemeinte Madonna (Bild)

Ein versteckte Tücke bei dem Rätsel ist der verschlüsselnde Umgang mit dem Homonymen-Paar - "ahr" und "aar"


zu 'ahr' -

zu 'aar'

Und zu guter letzt das ganz besondere Zitat für Leute mit Sendungsbewusstsein, die sich der charismatischen Neigung zur großen geschichtlichen Aufgabe gewachsen fühlen.

Türkenmadonnen im Kreise Ahrweiler [~1958]

"... So bildet das Kunstwerk von Ahrweiler inhaltlich, trotz vieler Übereinstimmungen mit den vorbeschriebenen, eine interessante Variante unseres Themas. Knüpfen wir zum Schlüsse dieser Studie an die Gedanken an, die wir eingangs zum Ausdruck brachten: Es ist nicht mehr der Islam, der das christliche Abendland bedroht: diesmal kommt die Gefahr aus dem von kommunistischmaterialistischen Ideologen durchsetzten Nahen und Fernen Osten. Sie wird nur dann unabwendbar sein, wenn das Abendland nicht mehr die innere Kraft aufzubringen vermag, ihr zu begegnen. Letztlich wird der Untergang des Abendlandes nicht durch militärische Pakte und Rüstungen gebannt, sondern durch Besinnung auf die Macht christlichen Glaubens und Betens, wie sie einst in den Kunstwerken, die hier vorgestellt wurden, so eindringlich und mitreißend Gestalt annahm."
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June 10 2011

RT @EuroGradSchool - Julian Assange in conversation with Slavoj Žižek - July 2 @ Troxy, London. // announcement
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Denken Sie immer, dass das, was Sie zu tun haben einfach ist, und es wird einfach werden.

// oAnth -

Der Satz hat was von der beliebigen Auslegbarkeit von Orakelsprüchen,

So verlöre er auch negativ formuliert kaum an Plausibilität, indem man z.B. sagt :

Denken Sie immer , dass das, was Sie zu tun haben nicht einfach ist, und es wird einfach werden.
— Emile Coué (via adliterature)
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