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April 20 2011

Georg Friedrich Händel

An Oratorio; or Sacred Drama
Words by Thomas Morell

Video playlist in 12 parts from yt-account: 400KJV

(no information about this interpretation is available - it seems to be recorded in the late 50ies - may be that David Willcocks is the conductor. )

The interpretation as such is imho inspite of the relative weak recording quality stunning - thanks to Youtube its the first time I have had the chance to listen to it.

The libretto may be followed on the video screen. The complete libretto is available on .
Antwort für @henteaser - Das ist nicht so einfach, sie klar zuzuordnen - aber Du hast in zweierlei Hinsicht ins Schwarze getroffen:

- Lyndon LaRouche selbst ist US-Amerikaner,
- und die Organisationsstruktur und die sie tragende psychologische Ausrichtung ist klar fundamentalistisch, in dem Fall eben eine technizistische Variante; von der Sorte gibt es in den USA sicherlich einige Vertreter, eine Mischung aus protestantischem Ethos und unerschütterliche Technologie-Gläubigkeit, wie sie in den 50-er und 60-er Jahren noch allgemein als verbindlich galt.
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...gehört zur LaRouche-Bewegung. Diese wird schon seit den 70-er Jahren als eine Mischung von politischer Bewegung und Sekte, sprich Polit-Sekte gehandelt. Sie tritt unter sehr unterschiedlichen Namen und Organisationsformen auf und agiert international.  Da die Anhänger der LaRouche-Bewegung sich auf sehr einseitige Weise ihre Informationen beschaffen, und dahingehend auch systematisch indoktriniert werden, sind fast alle Äußerungen, die aus dem Kreis der LaRouche-Anhänger stammen grundsätzlich von oben abgesegnet. Die Teilnehmer werden regelmäßig über die neuesten politischen Erkenntnisse ihrer Führungsriege gebrieft und verfügen großenteils nicht über den Wissensstand, die zugrundliegenden Prämissen zu durchschauen.
Hier eine deutschsprachige Informationsquelle, die das Netzwerk etwas genauer unter die Lupe nimmt. Im Netz gibt es sehr Vieles.

Der englischsprachige Wikipedia-Artikel, den ich kurz überflog, scheint mir in erster Linie vom LaRouche-Netzwerk selbst  redigiert zu sein.


Some websites, BBC News for example, offer only a headline and a short excerpt in their RSS feeds and you therefore have to leave your Google Reader to read the full news story.

Now there are a bunch of services - like FiveFilters, FullTextRSSFeed and FeedEx - that can quickly transform partial RSS feeds into full-text feeds but with certain obvious limitations.

First, these services can only process a limited number of feed items per day so the transformation may not work with high-volume feeds. Second, when you convert a partial feed into a full feed, you are actually creating a new RSS feed and this will only exist as long as the conversion service is in business.

If you are a Google Chrome user, there’s however a much better option that will give you the best of both worlds. You will be able to read the full text of a story inside Google Reader itself but without going through any transformation service.

To get started, simply install the Super Google Reader extension inside Chrome and it will add a new menu called “Super Settings” to your feeds page. Then choose the “Readable” option for all the partial RSS feeds that are you are subscribed to in Google Reader.

That’s it. The next time you expand a partial item inside Google Reader, this extension will automatically fetch the full content of that page in real-time and will display it in place of excerpts. You can use the ‘pre-fetch’ option to let it process the full feed in the background and this will reduce the time it takes for Google Reader to display the full text entries.

I have a quick screencast that explains how to get full feeds inside Google Reader with the help of of this super-useful extension. Thanks Nagalakshmi Viswanathan for the tip.

Convert Partial RSS Feeds into Full Text inside Google Reader
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When the Deepwater Horizon disaster killed 11 men at sea last April and set off the worst oil spill in U.S. history, the tragedy exposed a number of weaknesses—not least of which were decades-old laws that limited the liability of major players.

The Oil Pollution Act capped the amount BP owed in damages for the spill at $75 million—a legal limit that, under public pressure, BP ultimately volunteered not to invoke.

BP and its contractors also were shielded by maritime laws that limited how much victims’ families could win by filing lawsuits. Because the deaths took place offshore, the companies could only be sued for future wages, minus taxes and expected living costs, and not for pain and suffering or other punitive damages commonly recoverable in fatal onshore accidents.

Transocean, the owner of the sunken rig, also has invoked a 160-year-old maritime law to limit its liability to about $27 million—the value of the rig—in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Whether that holds up in court remains to be seen.

A Year After Gulf Tragedy, Offshore Oil Companies Still Shielded by Liability Limits - ProPublica
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12:10  Wash Post on Manning's transfer, includes news that trial would be held in Washington.

12:05  @WLLegal tweets:   " Fox News spin on Bradley Manning: Gets "prison upgrade""
 @Asher_Wolf tweets:  "Manning being moved to Fort Leavenworth prison; WikiLeaks published this prison's operating procedures manual (orig released in 2008!)." 

From late Tuesday

Bradley Manning's attorney David Coombs just out with blog post on what he calls real reason his client being moved to Leavenworth.  It seems the defense was in process of filing write of habeas corpus and decision to move Manning came so quickly Coombs only learned about it via the AP dispatch this afternoon.  He closes, "While the defense hopes that the move to Fort Leavenworth will result in the improvement of PFC Manning’s conditions of confinement, it nonetheless intends to pursue redress at the appropriate time for the flagrant violations of his constitutional rights by the Quantico confinement facility."  See my Manning book for full background.

The WikiLeaks News & Views Blog for Wednesday, Day 144 | The Nation - Greg Mitchell - 2011-04-20
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