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March 22 2011

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YouTube - RSA Animate - Evgeny Morozov: The Internet in Society: Empowering or Censoring Citizens?

Does the internet actually inhibit, not encourage democracy? In this new RSA Animate, Evgeny Morozov presents an alternative take on 'cyber-utopianism' - the seductive idea that the internet plays a largely emancipatory role in global politics.

Exposing some idealistic myths about freedom and technology (during Iran's 'twitter revolution' fewer than 20,000 Twitter users actually took part), Evgeny argues for some realism about the actual uses and abuses of the internet.


GUC (German University Cairo) is the old Egypt | Mostafa Sheshtawy Blog 2011-03-21


So today the 21st of March, 26 students got expelled by the GUC administration ! Happens everyday, but here is why : Because they did protests and spent the night of 20th March in the Campus in the FREEZING weather. Taking into consideration that the Administration LOCKED all buildings , which means they couldn’t use the bathrooms AND didn’t allow any blankets in so they had to sleep in the really cold weather.

Now some of you would think they must’ve done something bad ! I’d reply oh yes they did. They spoke their mind !

Not just their mind, they spoke the mind of about 8000 students in the beautiful German University in Cairo. All they demanded ( in the late protest ) was a strong Student Union that had a voice and at least one chair in the high board and a demand that I don’t really call demand , I call a right, Which was an official apology of the humiliations they got from official GUC board members.


So in short words, PROTEST = get EXPELLED . Democracy much ? or Mubarak Style ? you judge.

Names of Expelled Students Who are confirmed so far

  1. Mostafa Eissa
  2. Sherif Hummahuny
  3. Hussein Saied
  4. Ahmed Hazem
  5. Amr Dawood
  6. Mohamed Dawood
  7. haythem mahdy
  8. Karim Naggar
  9. Mohamed Osama
  10. Mahmoud mortagy

I know they are 26 , but i need to confirm with more than one to add their name to this list.



Middle East News, Iraq, Iran current affairs | Pepe Escobar - Asia Times Online - 2011-03-12

Ten years ago, on the road in AfPak before and after 9/11, the volume of choice in my backpack was a French edition of Gilles Kepel’s Jihad. Night after night, in many a mud brick house and amid endless cups of green tea, I slowly came to embrace its key thesis: that political Islam was in fact going down, not up.

On one side, we had outfits like al-Qaeda, self-designated vanguards bent on waking the Muslim masses from their slumber to unleash a global Islamic revolution; they were in fact Muslim versions of the Italian Brigate Rosse and the German Rote Armee Fraktion.

On the other side, we had Islamists like the ones from the Turkish Justice and Development Party, ready to immerse themselves into Western-style parliamentary democracy, betting on the sovereignty of the people, not Allah’s.

At the height of the "war on terror" - with those B-52s bombing Tora Bora without knowing that Osama bin Laden had already escaped to Pakistan - the tendency in the West was to lump most, if not all Muslims as deranged jihadis.

I agreed with Kepel that "clash of civilizations" was nothing more than a silly, shoddily researched concept instrumentalized by the neo-conservatives to legitimize their "crusade". But that needed some corroboration from history.

Ten years later, one may finally say that Kepel’s analysis was spot on. Hardcore Islamism, al-Qaeda-style, is a Muslim box-office disaster. For all its myriad declinations - in Iraq, in the Maghreb, in the Arabian Peninsula - al-Qaeda is no more than a desperate sect, destined to the dustbin of history as much as those Western-backed dictators a la toppled Tunisian president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak who used to be the pillars of the Western struggle against radical Islam.

Kepel today directs the program of studies on the Mediterranean and the Middle East at the legendary Political Sciences school in Paris. In an article for Italian daily La Repubblica, he seals for good the victory of Islam as democracy over Islam as "revolutionary" vanguard. The money quote:
"Today the Arab peoples have emerged from that dilemma - squeezed between Ben Ali or bin Laden. They have now re-entered a universal history that has seen the fall of dictatorships in Latin America, the communist regimes in Eastern Europe, and also the military regimes in non-Arab Muslim countries such as Indonesia and Turkey."


May 15 2010

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Marin Marais (1656-1728)
Allemande & Courante from Suite in A minor

15. Mai 2010 — Insula Magica soloists:
Ekaterina Kuzminykh - viola da gamba
Arkadi Burkhanov - theorbo
Novosibirk Philharmonic Society, 14.05.2010

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yt-account: ArkadiBurkhanov

March 01 2009


Johann Hermann Schein (1586 - 1630)
(DE / EN)

"Die mit Tränen säen" (Psalm 126, 5-6)
From Israelsbrünnlein (Fontana d'Israel)

Philippe Herreweghe conducts Collegium Vocale, Ghent

Partitur / score

Retrieved from:
Free Choral Sheet Music
(incl. scores & translations)


Die mit Tränen säen, werden mit Freuden ernten.
Sie gehen hin und weinen und tragen edlen Samen
und kommen mit Freuden und bringen ihre Garben.


Those who sow in tears will reap in joy.
He who goes out weeping, bearing seed for sowing
will certainly come again with joy, carrying his sheaves.

Qui sème dans les larmes, moissonne avec des cris de joie.
Qui s'en va en pleurant pour porter sa semence,
revient rempli de joie, sous le poids de ses gerbes.
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February 16 2009

Die grafik "" kann nicht angezeigt werden, weil sie fehler enthält.
Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)
- Fantasia

Consorts for Viols

Artists: Phantasm

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