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March 20 2011

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YouTube - Claudio Monteverdi Madrigal Hor che'l ciel e la terra

Claudio Monteverdi, Madrigali guerrieri ed amorosi...Libro ottavo (1638)
Céline Scheen, Mariana Flores, Fabián Schofrin, Jaime Caicompai, Andrés Silva, Matteo Bellotto



video: Timea Nagy & Gustavo Gargiulo


Hor che 'l ciel e la terra e 'l vento tace

Settings:  Rore, Ia5, 1542

Hor che ’l ciel e la terra e’l vento tace,
E le fere e gli augelli il sonno affrena,
Notte ‘l carro stellato in giro mena,
E nel suo letto il mar senz’ onda giace.
Veggio, penso, ardo, piango e chi mi sface
Sempre m’è in anzi per mia dolce pena,
Guerra è il mio stato d’ira e di duol piena
E sol di lei pensando ho qualche pace.
Così sol d’una chiara fonte viva
Move ‘l dolce l’amaro ond’ io mi pasco
Una man sola mi risana e punge
Perchè ‘l mio martir non giunge a riva,
Mille volt’il dì moro e mille nasco,
Tanto da la salute mia son lunge.

  Now that the sky and the earth and the wind are silent
and the beasts and the birds are stilled by sleep,
night draws the starry chariot in its course
and in its bed the sea sleeps without waves.
I see, I think, I burn, I weep, and she who fills me with sorrow
is always before me in my sweet suffering,
I am in a state of war, full of pain and anger,
and only in thinking of her do I have any peace.
Thus only a clear and living fountain
can still the sweet bitterness on which I feed.
One hand alone can heal and pierce me
therefore my suffering can never be concluded.
A thousand times a day I die, and am reborn
so that I am always far from my salvation.

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YouTube - Monteverdi - Ardo, ardo, avvampo (Alessandrini)

Claudio Monteverdi, "Ardo, ardo, avvampo"
text by anon.
taken from "Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi, libro VIII"

Concerto Italiano, dir. Rinaldo Alessandrini
Rossana Bertini, soprano
Elisa Franzetti, soprano
Claudio Cavina, alto
Alessandro Carmignani, alto
Sandro Naglia, tenore
Giuseppe Maletto, tenore
Daniele Carnovich, basso
Sergio Foresti, basso

Music and artwork are properties of Concerto Italiano.


Ardo, ardo, avvampo, mi struggo; accorrete,
vicini, amici, all'infiammato loco,
al ladro, al ladro, al tradimento, al foco;
scale, accette, martelli, acqua prendete;

e voi, torri sacrate, anco tacete?
Su, su, bronzi, ch'io dal gridar son roco;
dite il periglio altrui non lieve o poco,
e degl'incendi miei pietà chiedete.

Son due belli occhi il ladro, e seco amore
l'incendiario che l'inique faci
dentro la rocca m'avventò del core:

ecco i rimedi omai vani e fallaci.
Mi dice ogn'un per sì beato ardore:
Lascia che 'l cor s'incenerisca, e taci.


translation via
(rather vague)

I Burn, burn, burning up, I suffer; forth,
neighbors, friends, inflammation site,
the thief, the thief, treason, burned;
ladders, axes, hammers, water take;

and you, consecrated towers, yet you speak?
Up, up, bronzes, I am hoarse from shouting;
others say the danger is not small or little,
degl'incendi and ask my pity.

The thief are two beautiful eyes, and love him
the arsonist who torches the unfair
m'avventò inside the fortress of the core:

here are the remedies henceforth vain and fallacious.
I said yes to each one blessed passion:
Let 's heart s'incenerisca and keep quiet.
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The Picture: Haft Sīn (from Wikipedia, likewise all the following extracts)

Happy Nowruz!

Also spelled Norouz, Norooz, Narooz, Nawruz, Newroz, Newruz, Nauruz, Nawroz, Noruz, Novruz, Nauroz, Navroz, Naw-Rúz, Nowroj, Navroj, Nevruz, Neyruz, Наврӯз, Navruz, Navrez, Nooruz, Nauryz, Nevruz, Nowrouz,

Haft Sīn

Haft Sīn (هفت سین) or the seven 'S's is a major tradition of Nowruz. The haft sin table includes seven specific items starting with the letter 'S' or Sīn (س) in the Persian alphabet. The items symbolically correspond to seven creations and holy immortals protecting them. The Haft Sin has evolved over time, but has kept its symbolism. Traditionally, families attempt to set as beautiful a Haft Sīn table as they can, as it is not only of traditional and spiritual value, but also noticed by visitors during Nowruzi visitations and is a reflection of their good taste.

The Haft Sīn items are:

  • sabzeh - wheat, barley or lentil sprouts growing in a dish - symbolizing rebirth
  • samanu - a sweet pudding made from wheat germ - symbolizing affluence
  • senjed - the dried fruit of the oleaster tree - symbolizing love
  • sīr - garlic - symbolizing medicine
  • sīb - apples - symbolizing beauty and health
  • somaq - sumac berries - symbolizing (the color of) sunrise
  • serkeh - vinegar - symbolizing age and patience

Other items on the table may include:

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June 01 2009

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Joseph Haydn

Quartett No. 52 in D-major, op. 64 (1790), No. 5, ("The Lark"/ "Lerchenquartett") Hoboken gr. III - No. 63
The Royal Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble with Joseph Haydn's String Quartet "The Lark"/ "Lerchen Qartett" (Op. 64 No. 5 in D-major)

  1. Allegro moderato HD youtube permalink
  2. Adagio cantabile HD youtube permalink
  3. Menuetto: Allegretto HD youtube permalink
  4. Finale: Vivace HD youtube permalink

München/ Munich, 2009-06-01

offene Ablage - nothing to hide
auf twitter: @02mytwi01

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