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March 17 2011

Roma neighborhood under control of uniformed vigilantes in Hungary
Budapest, 16 March 2011
R. I. S.


Nearly 2,500 persons marched in black military-like clothing on 6th March 2011 in Gyöngyöspata, after the rally supported by the Jobbik party, through the village’s Roma neighborhood, chanting slogans about the restoration of public safety. The police arrived on the scene on the day of the demonstration but did not interfere in any way, regardless of the “abuse caused to the rights of the local Roma residents, which could have been a ground for the authorities to break up the protest”, as mentioned in the letter written by the members of Gyöngyöspata’s Roma community to the Hungarian Minister of Home Affairs.

After the end of the protest the activists wearing the black uniforms of the Civil Guard Association for a Better Future, the “Defense Guard” or the “gendarmerie” did not leave Gyöngyöspata. They are there to this day and still terrorize the local Roma population. They stand in lines and surround the neighborhood. Because of their threatening appearance, the Roma do not dare leave their houses or send their children to school. Their stated goals and behavior clearly questions the state monopoly on the legitimate use of force. The village has a local police chief who had earlier initiated investigations into some thefts and closed some cases. However, many local residents considered it necessary to strengthen public safety by calling on the civil guards to protect their village. While the police doubled their presence on the scene two days after the protest, the members of the Civil Guard Association for a Better Future and its sympathizers are still forming a human chain around the houses of Roma residents and say they are there to stay. The police, while present in large numbers, still do not interfere in any way, regardless of the fact that there is reasonable suspicion that offenses such as harassment and bodily injury are occurring on a day to day basis against many of the village’s Roma residents. Some of the protesters have vowed to stay on and guard the village until the local Roma self-government does not sign a declaration stating that the Roma will stop committing crimes. Attila Laszlo, the leader of the Civil Guard Association for a Better Future said that he had heard about the municipality requesting that the Civil Guard should leave but that this was later retracted by the mayor. The mayor’s office confirmed his statement. According to their initial plans, they intend to stay until they train and organize a local branch of the organization made up of local residents.

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Anbieter der kostenlosen Touren ist in diesem Fall eine US-amerikanische Kirche, die sich in der Stadt auch in anderen Projekten sozial und getrennt davon auch missionarisch betätigt. Bei den Organisatoren der Touren handelt es sich überwiegend um amerikanische und kanadische Rentner, die die Wintermonate in Mazatlán verbringen oder sogar immer dort leben. Meist ist es eine Mischung aus Abenteuerlust und humanitären Ambitionen, die vergleichsweise gut situierte Touristen auf Slumtour gehen lässt – um von ihrer Luxusenklave mit Golfklub und Strand aus den ebenso streng abgeriegelten Slum zu besuchen.

Slumdog Millionaire hautnah | Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 2011-03-15 

March 16 2011

ESSAY: Für eine Interventon in Libyen

Wir dokumentieren einen Aufruf französischer Intellektueller für eine Sperrung des libyschen Luftraums. Lanciert wurde er unter anderem von Jane Birkin, Andre Glucksmann und Claude Lanzmann

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