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February 26 2011




2011 - newest Videos via
Youtube - started by 2011-02-26

Playlist: latest news and commentaries
via youtube concerning the protest movement in the Maghreb & Middle East region from different sources: AFP, Al Jazeera, Euronews, RT, France 24, TRNN, etc.

languages: EN, FR, DE


Playlist - youtube permalink

further postings of this playlist and entries directly
or inderectly interconnected to that subject see also -
tag: compil_arwrld2011


oanth -- muc -- 20110226

The Economist Women’s Economic Opportunity Index

In hopes of going beyond the traditionally static, and oftentimes boring, PowerPoint

presentation, The Economist tapped JESS3 to help bring an important data set to life

through a powerful graphic animation. (via poptech)

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