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March 15 2011 LIVE! Mehrere Geigerzähler aus Tokio und Chiba (bei Tokio)

Hier finden Sie aktuelle Geigerzähler in Räumen von Privatpersonen. Dabei werden Werte von 15, 16 und 27 CPM angezeigt was im Wert unbedenklich ist. In wie weit der Wert sich außerhalb der Gebäude vor Ort sich ändert ist unklar. Laut einen Bericht auf CNN wurden Menschen im Umfeld des explodierenden Atomreaktors mit Werten um 18.000 bis 40.000 cpm verseucht. Ab 100.000 müssen Menschen, laut den Behörden Dekontaminierung werden. Ein Wert um 10 CPM ist normal! Erst ab einen Wert von 130 CPM wird es kritisch.

Es wird in Tokio zur Zeit (15:12 Uhr) ein Wert um 16.77 Counts per Minute (CPM) gemessen.

Ein deutlich höherer Wert wird hier in Tokio gemessen. Um 15:13 Uhr war hier ein Wert von 27,87 Counts per Minute (CPM) gemessen.

Dieser Counter in Chiba (südöstlich an der Küste vor Tokio) hat einen Wert von 15 CPM


There is one of them on - permalink

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February 27 2011


the Green Movement has become more creative, more radical, more in tune with what is happening in the region, and as a result there is a synergy with the region. Things that are happening in Bahrain or in Yemen, they have catalytic effect on the Iranian development. And beginning with today, they have entered a new strategy, because if you compare Egypt with Iran, there is no presence of Al Jazeera in Egypt to have its cameras on Tahrir Square and 24-7 report it. And as a result, we have the newest--we witnessed a new strategy of smaller-scale demonstrations in various streets and venues, and then they take video clips of this on their mobile phone and send it through the Internet and make it available. So in Egyptian case, we had a different strategy, and I believe in the Green Movement we have the emergence of a new strategy, but all in tune with what is happening in region. It is crucial to keep in mind that what is happening is not Pan-Arabism, is not Iranian nationalism. It's really a global and regional phenomenon. The Egyptian--the Tunisia and Egyptian revolution ennobled the Green Movement by taking it away from the hypocrisy of American neocons who give lipservice and as a result discredit the Green Movement, whereas what is happening in Tunisia and Egypt are doing precisely the other way and restoring dignity and credibility to it.

Middle East Revolt Inspires Iranian Resistance | Interview with Hamid Dabashi - TRNN 20110222
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February 26 2011

"This could be the kind of social justice moment that many of us have been waiting for," says Bill Fletcher, Jr. of the Center for Labor Renewal. He points out that the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia are not just spreading to Libya, locked in a deadly struggle with its own dictator, but in Ohio, Wisconsin, and around the US. "People are picking up on the energy and the audacity of the democratic revolt," he notes. Bill joins Laura in studio to discuss the fight in Libya, the connections to labor uprisings in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana, and why progressives have an opportunity now that can't be let slide. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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February 25 2011


I think this photograph does a wonderful job of disrupting the idea that the U.S. has it all figured out and our only job is to support other countries in ascending to similar political perfection.  Americans had been watching the protests in Egypt, most cheering on the democratization, as if we were watching them become more like us.  But the effort to criminalize union activity in Wisconsin suggests that our own democracy is quite fragile.  And when Egyptians can watch American protests, cheer on our workers’ movements, and donate to our organizing efforts, then it becomes clear that a hierarchical “west and the rest” binary fails to describe reality.

What Does it Mean that Egypt Supports Wisconsin? » Sociological Images
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Natural Gas Industry Rhetoric Versus Reality

As the recent natural gas industry attacks on the Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland demonstrate, the gas industry is mounting a powerful PR assault against journalists, academics and anyone else who speaks out against the dangers of hydraulic fracturing and other threats to public health and the environment from shale gas development. DeSmogBlog has analyzed some of the common talking points the industry and gas proponents use to try to convince the public and lawmakers that fracking is safe despite real concerns raised by residents living near gas drilling sites, whose experiences reveal a much more controversial situation


Thousands Feared Dead in Gaddafi’s Crackdown on Libyan Uprising - Anjali Kamat (italian reporter) from Libya - Democracy Now 20110225


The United Nations is warning thousands of people may have been killed in Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s assault on the growing popular uprising across Libya. The United Nations is also warning Libya’s food supply network is on the brink of collapse. Deadly clashes are ongoing as anti-government forces close in on the capital city of Tripoli. We get a report from Democracy Now!’s Anjali Kamat in Libya. [includes rush transcript]


audio with footages from eastern Libya

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Cutting Public Sector Wages Will Make Recession Worse
Bob Pollin and Jeff Thompson: Public sector wages are not higher than comparable private sector; cuts will fuel recession
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Time: 18:17 More in News & Politics
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Egyptian Workers Strike for Minimum Wage and Independent Unions
A TRNN report on the strike of the Mahalla workers 100 kilometers north of Cairo
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Time: 07:52 More in News & Politics

Glenn Greenwald on the Assange Extradition Ruling, the Jailing of Bradley Manning, and the Campaign to Target WikiLeaks Supporters - Democracy Now 20110224


A British judge ruled today that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden to face questioning on allegations of sexual crimes. Assange plans to appeal within 10 days. His defense team had argued against the extradition, in part by citing the potential he could wind up being extradited to the United States and prosecuted for publishing classified government documents, a crime that could result in the death penalty. We speak to constitutional law attorney and legal blogger Glenn Greenwald about the Assange case, allegations of torture by the U.S. Army to alleged whistleblower Army Private Bradley Manning, and a recently disclosed plot by three private intelligence firms to target WikiLeaks and its supporters, including Greenwald, who has publicly defended the organization. [includes rush transcript]


Glenn Greenwald, Constitutional law attorney and legal blogger for
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