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January 20 2011

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Theater der Künste » Archiv » Forum – das offene ZHdK-Gespräch: Förderung von Wissenschaft und Kunst — durch bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen

Russia: Bloggers Discuss Possible Website of Collaborators of Authorities

Written by Vadim Isakov

Blogger welgar contemplates about how useful it could be  to create a website that would list all collaborators of Russian authorities who try to compromise the action of the opposition.

Russia: Analyzing Websites of Regional Administrations

Written by Vadim Isakov

A group of volunteers analyzes [RUS] websites of regional administrative offices for openness and availability of information according to 16 criteria developed by the volunteers themselves.

Theater der Künste » Archiv » Forum – das offene ZHdK-Gespräch: Förderung von Wissenschaft und Kunst — durch bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen


Eine Einkommensgarantie zu schaffen, von der Wiege bis zur Bahre, für Kinder und Erwachsene gleichermassen, von der man auskömmlich leben kann – dieser Vorschlag wird seit einigen Jahren öffentlich debattiert. Meist wird er dabei als bessere sozialpolitische Massnahme betrachtet. Doch die möglichen Auswirkungen greifen weiter. Wie könnten sich Kunst und Wissenschaft entwickeln, wenn es ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen gäbe? Wie würde sich das Verhältnis von Künstler/innen und Wissenschaftler/innen zu Ausbildungs- und Förderinstitutionen gestalten?

Vortrag von Dr. Sascha Liebermann, Mitbegründer von „Freiheit statt Vollbeschäftigung“ und Soziologe (Bochum und Zürich). Mit anschliessender Diskussion, Moderation: Stefan Schöbi, Stv. Leiter Hochschulkommunikation, ZHdK

Flyer: ForumKritikJanuar2011

Hier finden Sie die Audio-Aufzeichnung des Vortrags und der anschliessenden Publikumsdiskussion:

Praktische Suchmaschine für CC-Bilder

Written by Sylwia Presley

The Interstate Aviation Committee's report on the crash of TU-154M near Smolensk on April 10, 2010, has provoked many insightful posts from bloggers, but we have also found that microblogging platforms - Twitter and - have become good spaces for Poles to express their opinions, and that quite a few visuals criticising the report have appeared online.

On Twitter, users generally criticise the report and the Polish government's reactions.

@janpoplawski states [PL]:

Why is the government preparing an answer to the Russian government if the report was written by IAC - an international organisation

@tuskwatch refers [PL] to the fact that the Prime Minister was absent on the day of the report's publication:

It seems that Prime Minister Tusk considered his reaction to the report a success and went back to skiing. Shall we wish him happy holidays?

@gregorius74 speaks as if stating the obvious [PL]:

A discovery! This government does not seem to think. Klich: IAC report was supposed to discredit us

@radiomaryja, the Twitter account of a Catholic radio station, has this [PL]:

IAC report disappointed us

@brulion invites Twitter users to join a new Facebook page [PL]: group “I think the IAC report is outrageous”

Polish microblogging engine,, contains reactions of similar sentiment.

@jezykwkosmosie writes [PL]:

IAC was as delicate to Tupolew's crew in its report as possible. When we have the Polish report heads will roll, that's all.

@aimrumru also disagrees with the claim that the report is objective [PL]:

mistake after mistake of the Polish crew, plus mistake after mistake of the Russian controllers. so the IAC report is partial.

@wikploc is interested in the reactions of the public [PL]:

Here we go. The experts of airplane crashes from Nowogrodzka street prove how IAC twisted the report. I wonder if the “dark folk” will buy it.

@bukowskip states with cynicism [PL]:

IAC report did not surprise me at all. Even if they'd shot down the plane, it would turn out that the pilot collided with a rocket.

@jakubkowalski adds [PL]:

I hope that the Polish authorities will maintain the current approach, that the IAC report in unacceptable. […]

@bukol87 mentions this [PL]:

IAC report cannot be a common agreement. It has no responsibility to accept corrections. Game Over

Andrzej Krauze posts the following cartoon [PL]:

"Please inform comrade Stalin in kettle 17 that the IAC report was published in accordance with his instructions"

Krzętowski drew this one for [PL]:

"First of all, get it translated from Soviet into Polish"

The newly established Facebook page - “I think the IAC report is outrageous” - contains a few of these visuals, too.

Achmaja posts [PL] a pretty strong criticism of the Russian side:

"from russia with love, iac report"

TVN48 posts an old visual in a new context [PL]:

"Putin: Lick my shoes. /Tusk: "Let's talk compromise"

Tusk knew from the very beginning how one should relate to Russia. Not fighting with a sword, but with “the language of compromise.” That's what I call good foreign policy. And the results we've seen recently, for instance.
[graphics by Lach from 2 years ago]

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