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April 24 2010


"Ethische Verbrechen" in Honduras

Seit dem Putsch wurden zahlreiche Demokratie-Aktivisten ermordet, die deutsche Naumann-Stiftung macht Stimmung gegen Regimegegner

Die Kontroverse um die Haltung der deutschen Bundesregierung zum Putschregime in Honduras hält an. Angehörige mehrerer Ausschüsse des deutschen Bundestages haben sich Mitte dieser Woche besorgt über die Lage der Menschenrechte in dem mittelamerikanischen Land geäußert. Parlamentarische Mitglieder des Ausschusses für Menschenrechte und humanitäre Hilfe, des Auswärtigen Ausschusses und des Ausschusses für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung waren im Bundestag mit zwei hochrangigen Vertretern der honduranischen Demokratiebewegung zusammengekommen.
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March 31 2010

Why Germany cannot be a model for the eurozone - 20100330 by

[...] [T]he prospect for the “improved economic co-ordination” mentioned in the Council statement is nil. Worse, Germany does wish to see a sharp move by its partners towards smaller fiscal deficits. The eurozone, the world’s second largest economy, would then be on its way to being a big Germany, with chronically weak internal demand. Germany and other similar economies might find a way out through increased exports to emerging countries. For its structurally weaker partners – especially those burdened by uncompetitive costs – the result would be years of stagnation, at best. Is this to be the vaunted “stability”? [...] [T]he eurozone will not work as Germany wishes. As I have argued previously, the eurozone can become Germanic only by exporting huge excess supply or pushing large parts of the eurozone economy into prolonged slump, or, more likely, both. Germany could be Germany because others were not. If the eurozone itself became Germany, I cannot see how it would work. [...]
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The crisis of neoliberalism Pt.2
Duménil: Neoliberal trends setting up a terrible future of inequality and exploitation for the workers
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Jan-Pieterszoon Sweelinck - Fantasia - Lute - Luth
Jan-Pieterszoon Sweelinck was a keyboard composer from the Low Countries, but a few pieces for lute came to us. This is for my friend Ernst ;-) Lute made by Stephen Murphy
From: Luthval
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Kolumbien: Pablo Emilio Moncayo ist frei

Wie der lateinamerikanische Fernsehsender TeleSur soeben meldet, befindet sich der seit mehr als zwölf Jahren von den Revolutionären Streitkräften Kolumbiens (FARC) gefangen gehaltene Pablo Emilio Moncayo in Freiheit. Guerrilleros übergaben den Unteroffizier an Vertreter des Internationalen Roten Kreuzes, der Katholischen Kirche sowie an die liberale Senatorin Piedad Córdoba als Vertreterin der Gruppe "Kolumbianerinnen und Kolumbianer für den Frieden". Auch der Sprecher des Internationalen Komitees vom Roten Kreuz (IKRK), Adolfo Beteta, bestätigte, dass Pablo Emilio sich bereits in Begleitung der internationalen humanitären Komission befindet.
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1.489 milliards d'euros de dette publique

La dette française s’est établie, fin 2009, à 1.489 milliards d’euros, a indiqué l’Insee. Elle a ainsi atteint 77,6% du produit intérieur brut (PIB) en 2009, contre 67,5% sur l’année 2008. Elle s’est appréciée de 31,7 milliards d’euros sur le quatrième trimestre de 2009.
Le déficit public, lui, s’élève à 7,5% du PIB, soit un chiffre moins mauvais qu’attendu, mais toutefois bien supérieur à la limite de 3% imposée par les critères européens du traité de Maastricht. A noter, le déficit des seules administrations locales (Régions, départements, communes…) s’est réduit, passant de 8,7 milliards d’euros en 2008 à 5,6 milliards en 2009.
Le déficit de l’Etat s’est creusé, lui, de 62,1 milliards, à 117,6 milliards. Celui de la Sécurité sociale explose à 25 milliards (+24,1 milliards).

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Kolumbianische Regierung attackiert TeleSur

Nach der Freilassung des Feldwebels Pablo Moncayo durch die Farc greift Kolumbiens Regierung den internationalen Nachrichtensender TeleSur an. "Der Kanal gibt sich dafür her, Propaganda für eine terroristische Gruppe wie die Farc zu machen", behauptet Frank Pearl, Beauftragter der Regierung für Friedensverhandlungen. Anlass für die Anschuldigungen ist ein Video, in dem Pablo Moncayo kurz vor seiner Freilassung in Begleitung von Mitgliedern der Guerilla zu sehen ist. TeleSur strahlte die Bilder am gestrigen Dienstag aus. Pearl verlangt nun eine Erklärung dafür, warum Journalisten des Senders den Gefangenen schon vor seiner Freilassung begleiten konnten.
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"Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling"

The administration is supporting a significant expansion in offshore drilling for oil and natural gas:

Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling for First Time, by John Broder, NY Times: The Obama administration is proposing to open vast expanses of water along the Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north coast of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling... The proposal ... would end a longstanding moratorium on oil exploration along the East Coast from the northern tip of Delaware to the central coast of Florida, covering 167 million acres of ocean.
Under the plan, the coastline from New Jersey northward would remain closed to all oil and gas activity. So would the Pacific Coast, from Mexico to the Canadian border. The environmentally sensitive Bristol Bay in southwestern Alaska would be protected... But large tracts in the Chukchi Sea and Beaufort Sea in the Arctic Ocean north of Alaska — nearly 130 million acres — would be eligible for exploration and drilling...
The proposal is intended to reduce dependence on oil imports, generate revenue from the sale of offshore leases and help win political support for comprehensive energy and climate legislation.
But ... it is no sure thing that it will win support for a climate bill... Mr. Obama and his allies in the Senate have already made significant concessions on coal and nuclear power to try to win votes from Republicans and moderate Democrats. The new plan now grants one of the biggest items on the oil industry’s wish list — access to vast areas of the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling.
But even as Mr. Obama curries favors with pro-drilling interests, he risks a backlash from some coastal governors, senators and environmental advocates, who say that the relatively small amounts of oil to be gained in the offshore areas are not worth the environmental risks. ...
It is not known how much potential fuel lies in the areas opened to exploration, although according to Interior Department estimates there could be as much as a three-year supply of recoverable oil and more than two years’ worth of natural gas... But those estimates are based on seismic data that is, in some cases, more than 30 years old. ...

Increasing the risks to the environment in an attempt to save the environment seems like a less than optimal strategy.

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Four short links: 31 March 2010

  1. ZeroMQ -- bold claim of "Fastest. Messaging. Ever." LGPL, C++ with bindings for many languages, past version 2 already. (via edd on Twitter)
  2. Prediction Market News (David Pennock) -- HSX is going to be a real marketplace with real $. The real HSX will of course say goodbye to the virtual specialist and the opening weekend adjust, two facets of the game that make it fun to play, but that create significant amounts of (virtual) wealth out of thin air. The Cantor Gaming group is engaged in other interesting initiatives. They are taking over a sportsbook in Las Vegas and turning it into more of a derivatives exchange with live in-game betting, a step toward my dream of a geek-friendly casino. Interestingly, another company called Veriana Networks is close to launching a competing Hollywood derivatives market called the Trend Exchange.
  3. A Pivot Visualization of my Wordpress Blog (Jon Udell) -- using pro-am data exploration tools from Microsoft (Pivot) to work with information from his blog. Contains the scripts he used to do it.
  4. Select Committee Report on Patents Bill (PDF) -- New Zealand Government select committee recommends no software patents in NZ. We recommend amending clause 15 to include computer programs among inventions that may not be patented. We received many submissions concerning the patentability of computer programs. Under the Patents Act 1953 computer programs can be patented in New Zealand provided they produce a commercially useful effect [footnote: Under the Patents Act 1953 mathematical algorithms as such are not patentable. They may be patented under the Patents Act when used in a computer, so long as they produce a commercially useful effect.] Open source, or free, software has grown in popularity since the 1980s Protecting software by patenting it is inconsistent with the open source model, and its proponents oppose it. A number of submitters argued that there is no "inventive step" in software development, as "new" software invariably builds on existing software. They felt that computer software should be excluded from patent protection as software patents can stifle innovation and competition, and can be granted for trivial or existing techniques. In general we accept this position.

March 30 2010


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Zensursula / Censilia / ACTA - privacy Datenschutz ; Vorratsdatenpeicherung / data retention ; copyright Urheberrecht
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American Realism - Edward Hopper 1940 'Office by Night'
Helen Thomas - TRNN interview with Paul Cay
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Israels Oberster Gerichtshof hat Anonymität im Internet ...

Israels Oberster Gerichtshof hat Anonymität im Internet zu einem Grundrecht von Verfassungsrang gemacht. Wow! Gerade von Israel hätte ich das jetzt nicht erwartet, weil man ja auch anonym Bombenanschläge ankündigen oder vorbereiten könnte.
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Healthcare Bill Needs Reforms

March 26, 2010
Bill Moyers Journal  - B.M. takes a closer look at the newly signed health bill and explores the future of health care reform with THE NATION's John Nichols and National Organization for Women president Terry O'Neill.
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