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Four short links: 9 December 2010

  1. Lowersrc -- simple dynamic image placeholders for wireframing. Open source Javascript. (via Lachlan Hardy on Twitter)
  2. In Praise of the Long Form (Julie Starr) -- It can be time consuming sifting through the daily wall of news stories and blogposts to find the handful of gems that genuinely interest or move you. These services, which recommend only a handful of excellent journalism pieces each day, can help. The act of selection, the human process of filtering, remains a valuable service.
  3. Glu -- LinkedIn's application deployment framework. (via Pete Warden)
  4. The Risky Cloud (Simon Phipps) -- While the Internet itself may have a high immunity to attacks, a monoculture hosted on it does not. We might be able to survive a technical outage, but a political outage or a full-fledged termination of service are likely to put a company that's relied on the cloud for critical infrastructure out of business.

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