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Barbara van Schewick on Internet Architecture and Innovation [AUDIO]

Barbara van Schewick—Associate Professor of Law at Stanford Law School, an Associate Professor (by courtesy) of Electrical Engineering at Stanford’s Department of Electrical Engineering and the Director of Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society—discusses her new book, Internet Architecture and Innovation.

This book analyzes how the Internet’s internal structure, or architecture, has fostered innovation in the past; why this engine of innovation is under threat; why the “market” alone won’t protect Internet innovation; and which features of the Internet’s architecture we need to preserve so that the Internet continues to serve as an engine of innovation in the future. Whether you are tired of or confused by the network neutrality debate, or simply wondering what is at stake, van Schewick’s talk is refreshing and illuminating.

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Barbara Van Schewick On Internet Architecture And Innovation on Huffduffer

More information on the book, including an overview and excerpts, is available at

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