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Bookish Techy Week in Review

This week was super busy in the bookish techy world. Too busy perhaps. While it was not easy to pare down my list of links, I’ve done my best. There should be something here for everyone - from lovers of Snooki to fans of Babylonian poetry -- there’s even a nice passel of posts for those who want a preview of what yours truly has been spending all her time working on of late: TOC Frankfurt. Read on!

Sometimes you just have to laugh…

Surveys and data and research and stuff

From the wonderful world of retailing

Inspirational deep thoughts and actions

If, like me, you’ve grown weary of the endless supply of whiny articles lamenting the death of the printed book and the increasingly hard knock life of the author -- take a break from all that and check out some folks and projects that will make you happy to be a part of these bookish techy times:

TOC Frankfurt - a preview

Get rid of the ads (sfw)

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