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Call to action to mark 1-year from Iran's flawed presidential elections

12 June: Marking one year of crackdowns on human rights in Iran

local Events & Demonstrations

All partners and participating regional organizations are working to facilitate consistent, coordinated, simultaneous events in as many cities and campuses as possible across the globe on June 12. Like-minded regional organizations are “adopting” prisoners of conscience (PoCs) and holding rallies or other actions on their behalf.

To find an event near you, please refer to the June 12 Event Finder.

A powerful picture: activists in Paris take pictures with Neda masks in front of the Eiffel Tower

Creative Ideas for Events (it doesn’t have to be a rally!)
A creative event can be just as strong, despite limitations related to costs and capacity. But sometimes the smallest actions can generate the most attention! Here are some suggestions to start the discussion:

  • Hold your event or show of support at a unique location, perhaps specific to your city (Gondolas in Venice, the Eiffel tower in Paris, or Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco). Take pictures or record video of your group wearing the adopted PoC mask. Footage like this has made it’s way back to Iran and has provided them with an immense amount of comfort and support.
  • Take an aerial picture of a group forming a message in a few words using your bodies or other materials. (This would probably work best in a field of grass or a beach.)
  • Organize collective bike ride with signs, masks, posters, and more!
  • Hang banners (legally!) from a known landmark.
  • Conduct performance, art, or slide-show installations. These could include anything from setting up thousands of masks of your adopted PoC’s in a public space, to projecting slideshows on walls for a period of time, to whatever else your imagination (and budget) allow! See a very creative use of masks recorded from an event in Sweden below.

Green Your City or Campus!
“Greening” a recognizable landmark and including pictures, posters, and masks of the adopted PoC (i.e. turning the Eiffel Tower green) is another relatively budget friendly way of showing a large show of support for your PoC. Make sure to document all of this so the people of Iran, the PoCs, and their families can witness your support!

Mobile Billboards
Mobile Billboards are a relatively inexpensive way of ensuring your PoC receives extensive international attention and media coverage. The current plans are to have mobile billboards in 15 cities around the world leading up to and on the day of June 12. We are hoping to raise funds to implement this across the world. Ideally, all the mobile billboards will have a consistent theme and message, all of which revolves around their adopted PoC. If you would like to help with this project by fundraising for this effort, please let us know!

Online Public Advocacy
In addition to “physical” events, there will be an online public advocacy campaign for each selected PoC. The online component will involve sending e-letters and e-postcards in support of an individual PoC. These would be mailed to strategic targets around the globe, including to IRI embassies and various others. Postcards can also be printed out, hand addressed, and snail-mailed directly to the embassies and consulates.

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