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Privacy is not dead

Privacy is not dead. Privacy – and control over various options more generally – is only becoming more important.
It seems Web 3.0 will emphasize the facilitation of Choice (which includes the possibility to easily control privacy settings).

It looks like Facebook has gone the opposite way, missing the opportunity to become the Universal Platform for the three big C’s: Control, Choice and Customization. Facebook succeeds in doing all kinds of 2.0 things, but these don’t seem to be enough for the next round, which is expected to revolve around the key 3.0 components: Control, Choice and Customization.

The real nature of Twitter is its Free Advertising Business Model. There is nothing “social” about Twitter following. Following in Twitter is a Consumers’ subscription to receive information from Advertisers, using Twitter’s Free Advertising Engine.

And of course, Buzz is simply Google’s implementation of the idea of Twitter. By focusing on asymmetrical following, Twitter and Buzz are the facilitators of Choice. Their more mature versions, including Twitter Annotations and Buzz API, is the beginning of Web 3.0 – the Web of Choice.

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