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Global Voices Partners with “Echo Moskvy”

By Vadim Isakov

We are pleased to announce our partnership with “Echo Moskvy,” the most prominent and respected radio station in Russia with hundreds of thousands of listeners from all over the globe. This radio station is rightfully considered the most influential radio in Russia.

“Echo Moskvy” radio is doing an amazing job covering different aspects of Russian society and brining a unique perspective regarding the most pressing issues in the country and the world. Most of “Echo Moskvy” broadcast is dedicated to analytical programs and talk shows. It is one of the few media outlets in Russia pursuing high standards of journalism. Many people consider “Echo Moskvy” an oppositional radio but, as its editor-in-chief Aleksey Venedikov said, it is rather “an informational radio” that serves as a platform for discussions among different forces and a place for analysis, ideas, opinions of different political structures.

Another great thing about “Echo Moskvy” is that it is actively using different online platforms to expand its audience and stay relevant in ever-changing field of global journalism. It has an extensive network of Russian bloggers featured on its Web site where people share amazing stories of lives in different corners of the country.

That is why we are very excited to start working with the most professional Russian journalists and prominent netizens bringing more perspective from Russian online community to global audience and, in turn, making Global Voices more accessible to Russian speakers.

“Echo Moskvy” already opened a separate Web page dedicated to Global Voices online. The GVO Lingua Russian team will be translating articles that later will be featured on “Echo Moskvy” Web site. That will make GVO stories more accessible to Russian audience. At the same time, GVO will be picking stories submitted by “Echo Moskvy,” translating them into English and featuring those on GVO Web site. This will make Russian online community closer to international audience.

We would like to thank people who worked hard to make this collaboration possible on both sides. We are grateful to Aleksey Venediktov, an editor-in-chief of “Echo Moskvy,” and Nargiz Asadova, a deputy editor of the radio, for being receptive to new opportunities. A special thank you to our own Gregory Asmolov who initiated the project and even flew to Moscow and met with “Echo Moskvy” representatives to work out the details of this collaboration.

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