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Iran: A ‘Green' Labor Day (At Least Online)

By Hamid Tehrani

The Iranian Green Movement is planning to make International Workers Day on May 1 a “green” day. The opposition movement has not held any important demonstration in last the two months, since their last attempt to hold demonstrations in February on the anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution were thwarted by the regime. The green movement is using the internet as a creative bridge to make the event a reality.

May 1 has never been officially-sanctioned as a holiday in Iran.

Green Wave Voice presents:

Another video presents graffiti on walls in Iran for May 1st. The written slogans say, “Celebrate student and worker solidarity”, “Down with the regime on workers' day” and “Bread, housing and freedom.”

Here are more photos and posters published on pro green movement websites.

An invitation to demonstration in Shiraz:


Art talks:


Green Power:


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