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At first glance, "Sweet Lemonade" is a clever 10-minute film illustrating the old adage of what to do when life hands you lemons.

But the troupe of child actors and film crew are literally living the message.

They are the children of SKYLAB Youth Development Studio, a program of Serna Village, which provides long-term supportive housing in McClellan Park for recently homeless families.

Serna Village is part of Cottage Housing Inc., a local nonprofit organization that also runs Quinn Cottages, a transitional housing community in midtown Sacramento.

Hope and ambition fuel the children's projects at SKYLAB, which range from bike clubs and sports to producing short films like "Sweet Lemonade."

Their accomplishments aren't going unnoticed.

The group made "Sweet Lemonade" for Access Sacramento's "A Place Called Sacramento" filmmaking contest in 2008 and won the award for best ensemble acting at that year's film festival.


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