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Four short links: 24 March 2010

  1. The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble -- hilarious economics parable.
  2. The ZenPad -- look for more Android-powered tablets. (via azaaza on Twitter)
  3. Diigo -- browser plugin to archive, highlight, and annotate web pages, then share and collaborate on those augmentations. (via an annotation of Zittrain's Future of the Internet and How to Stop It)
  4. So Long, And No Thanks for the Externalities: The Rational Rejection of Security Advice by Users (Microsoft, PDF) -- To make this concrete, consider an exploit that affects 1% of users annually, and they waste 10 hours clearing up when they become victims. Any security advice should place a daily burden of no more than 10/(365 * 100) hours or 0.98 seconds per user in order to reduce rather than increase the amount of user time consumed. This generated the profound irony that much security advice ... does more harm than good. (via Greg Linden)
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