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Bloggers' opinions about technology and football

Despite the dramatic advances in technology, The International Football Association Board (FIFA) has rejected the introduction of goal-line technology during World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

What has been the reaction from sports bloggers?

WorldCupBlog argues
that errors in football, which can be prevented by technology, do cost clubs a lot of money:

European Football has grown into a 12bn Euro business, so these errors aren’t just about football narratives and mythology, but about costing clubs millions of Euros.

Another blogger believes that technology can make football “really fair”:

Why is it fine to contest decisions with technological aid in other sports while football/soccer referee decisions are only based on the limited capabilities of man? Sure we want to keep enjoying the game as it is but let’s make it really fair for both teams that enter the field for 90+ minutes. What do you say Irish fans? Do you have anything in particular to say to FIFA?

FIFA World Cup South Africa captures the anxieties over the FIFA decision:

If we start with goal-line technology then any part of the game and pitch will be a potential space where you could put in place technology to see if the ball was in or out, whether it was a penalty and then you end up with video replays. The door is closed

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