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Four short links: 29 January 2010

  1. Chat Roulette -- not sure it's new, as I think I recall Eric Ries talking about implementing it in the early days of IMVU, but it's still interesting: chat to a random person who also wants to chat. I wonder whether it's being used for drive-by phone sex, or whether there's a genuine curiosity about other human beings that extends beyond their genitals. (via Roger Dennis)
  2. Only Surviving Photo of Phineas Gage Found on Flickr (NPR) -- are we still surprised at this? It's a little like "last copy of book found in library". Great photo, though. (via wiselark on Twitter)
  3. The 2009 Feltron Report -- life quantified beautifully. (via Flowing Data)
  4. Chart Wars: The Political Power of Visualization (Ignite) -- how to be a smart consumer of datagraphics and visualizations. (via KathySierra on Twitter)

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