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Stop Digital Strip Search in airports!

As supporters of the Madrid Declaration, we are calling on national governments to suspend the deployment of body scanners until a full evaluation of the technology is completed. As the Declaration states, we: "Call for a moratorium on the development or implementation of new systems of mass surveillance, including facial recognition, whole body imaging, biometric identifiers, and embedded RFID tags, subject to a full and transparent evaluation by independent authorities and democratic debate;" The Madrid Privacy Declaration is a substantial document that reaffirms international instruments for privacy protection, identifies new challenges, and recommends specific actions. Recommended Actions: JOIN - Facebook Group: Stop Airport Strip Searches ENDORSE - Privacy Coalition: Sign the Petition to the US Congress ENDORSE: Madrid Privacy Declaration SIGN - International Boycott of Body Scanners (IBBS) SIGN - UK Petition to abandon the proposed rollout of airport body scanners. POST - Stop Digital Strip Searches image Reference materials: Madrid Privacy Declaration EPIC, Whole Body Imaging Technology EPIC, Spotlight on Surveillance Privacy International, "statement on proposed deployments of body scanners in airports"[347]=x-347-565802 TSA, Imaging Technology Michael Chertoff ("Former homeland security chief argues for whole-body imaging")
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