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VIDEO: ‘Nothing to Hide’ — Really? #TheDayWeFightBack

“If you have nothing to hide, why not let someone film in your bedroom and bathroom?” asks Jérémie Zimmermann, from French digital rights group La Quadrature du Net, in a song where he partners with La Parisienne Libérée who blogs [fr] on Mediapart.

In this catchy song, the two explain what is at stake for privacy with the global surveillance enforced by NSA from our personal data scooped and transferred by Facebook, Google and other platforms. Zimmerman says:

To tell yourself — oh I have nothing to feel guilty about and therefore I have nothing to hide — is totally disconnected from reality in which generalised surveillance by the NSA works on the principle of three degrees of separation. If you've been in contact with someone, who has been in contact with someone who has a — perhaps long-lost — brother, a guy with a beard who is suspected of terrorist activities, then potentially all your email correspondence, your online presence, your phone calls, your SMS, all that, is spied upon by the NSA.

The video is in French, with English and Spanish subtitles.


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