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Fairy Tales in the 21st Century

On the column Breviario [es] from the website El MalPensante [es], Argentinian author Hernán Casciari [es] concludes that many timeless fairy tales that are part of children's imagination and many other stories would have never taken place had their main characters had access to the current technology:

What happens with the chosen story? Will the plot go smoothly, now that the characters can call each other from any place, now that they have the choice to chat, generate video conferences and send SMS? It doesn't work at all, right?


With a phone on her hands, for instance, Penelope does no longer wait full of uncertainty for Ullises the Warrior to come back from combat.

With a mobile phone in her basket, Little Red Riding Hood would alert her granny just in time and the lumberjack's presence is no longer necessary.

And he concludes by saying that “our plots are losing their charm because we've become lazy heroes”.

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