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What It's Like Growing Up In The Maldives?

Journalist and blogger Hilath Rasheed shares a Maldivian's thoughts in Facebook on “How is it like growing up in Male'/Maldives”:

From Ibrahim Lirar:

The most honest answer I can give now is that “it is scary and constricting”. Information was so tightly control until recently. Very few among us grew up really believing that we can be anything we want in the world and that any dream we dream can be made reality.

No, we where restricted, discouraged and oppressed, our society and family told us how to live our life, how far and dictated what we will achieve in our life. Our childhood dreams and ambitions were all squashed by the time we become adults. We lived in a tight box, all our thoughts and the whole of being was confined within that box.

This is what it is like for kids growing up until my generation in the Maldives.

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