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Scientists from Around the World Gather in Brazil

World Science Forum

World Science Forum

The World Science Forum (WSF) gathers hundreds of scientists from all around the world this week in Brazil, to discuss their role in the 21st century and to emphasize the importance of scientific advice in political and economical decisions.

Brazil has hosted several events to discuss poverty eradication and sustainable development from the perspective of different social groups, occasionally antagonistic, such as Rio +20, the People's Summit and the World Social Forum. Due to the fact that nature does not recognize national borders, scientists see both issues from a global perspective. Therefore, they are using their knowledge so that science is able to integrate the construction of equitable societies, which ensure the quality of life of the populations without depleting the natural resources needed for future generations.

The sixth edition of the WSF takes place from November 24 to November 27 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the first time the forum is not organized in Hungary. This year the Brazilian Academy of Science partnered with the biggest international scientific organizations. The event will be broadcast via Internet in English, the official language of the event, and will be covered in social networks via hashtag #WSFBRAZIL.

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