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A Positive Example of Community Farming in Mozambique

A positive example of a farming, savings and literacy community project in Mozambique was highlighted in the blog of the NGO Justiça Ambiental (Environmental Justice) following their visit to the community of Nacoma, about 83 km from the northern city of Nampula last July.

Justiça Ambiental learned about the association's good practices “for a more efficient agriculture on poor soils” and crop improvements, and also about how the group, mostly composed by women, “increased their income allowing it to improve their lives and their families”:

We were impressed by the organization, methodology and capacity of a group so small yet so effective in managing their own interests. A good example of community empowerment, with which all present were astonished. However, for us it was more than that. It was once again a confirmation of the power of the people of Mozambique and Mozambican women in particular, their ability, courage and perseverance in trying to resolve their difficulties and strive for a better future. For us it was a true life lesson!

Concerns about the future of good examples such as this one were raised by the NGO in the end of the blog post, referring to the controversial economic development plan ProSavana (reported by Global Voices) and the ‘land grabbing’ plans of the governments of Japan, Brazil and Mozambique.

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