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Le chroniqueur du Daily Mirror prépare une campagne : Rendez leur Gibraltar Brian Reade on…

Le chroniqueur du Daily Mirror prépare une campagne : Rendez leur #Gibraltar

Brian Reade on Gibraltar, David Cameron’s holidays, Hillsborough, Maria Sugarpova and the five big questions of the week - Brian Reade - Mirror Online

Which is why I’m preparing a Hand Gibraltar Back campaign.

Asking why we want to keep a haven for tax exiles, Tory postal voters, winter fuel payment claimants and apes which is ­geographically part of Spain and of no strategic military use to us any more.

“But it’s British,” I hear traditionalists say.

Yes, but so is the English Defence League, the cast of Made In Chelsea, Ashley Cole, Jim ­Davidson, Nicholas Witchell, Joan Collins and John McCririck.

Would you go to war to defend them?

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