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Colossus The Forbin Project, 1970 - youtube

via  D*

A highly convincing scenario: the US computer is conspiring with its partner unit from the Soviet side: both merge and blackmail the leaders of the world: whatever you will do against our common super brain, will be punished - no chance just to switch off the energy supply, or to betray cunningly the system; what's against its optimised intentions will be immediately detected, advised by its interface to be corrected, even with merciless instructions to kill people without delay, in case they conspired against it - otherwise its lethal menaces for the society as a whole are increasingly worse; consequently it controls also the decisions what locations as nuclear targets are to become part of the programme (international urban centres) - the political message for our days is incredible challenging, for the closed system is de facto reality by the leading political and financial-economic unit of corresponding interests against the people's constitutional guaranteed rights and the states' sovereignty; the traditional executive, judicial and legislative powers are no longer under control by the state's sovereign, the people, but have shifted to the leading function of the executive; the legislative and judicial powers remain obliged to follow the interests of the unit, which seizes by this all executive power and the world's digitised capacities to blackmail every state, administrative or economic organisation and individuum in every aspect of its existence; the menace via the executive power threatens self-evidently also the legislative and judicial powers in case they wouldn't apply to the demands of the unit. This is the most striking lesson coming out of this picture - it explains very well the systemic motivation behind the still growing right wing ideology, privatized police, militia and mercenary business. A further lesson is the replacement of human deciders by algorithms as one step further towards a digitised totalitarian grip of a new kind of dictatorship: a 21st century cyber neo-fascism with data-colonial governance by mass surveillance meta-data, insurance and income patterns as socio-psychological catalysts of classification and segregation : whoever wouldn't  fit into the given categories is politically a potential threat - whether you will then be psychologically stigmatized as an incalculable risk for your family and your neighbourhood, your car will be manipulated, or a drone will be sent, this may be considered mainly as a question of your social status and of some more sophisticated circumstances, but science and technical progress are to be suspected completely under the top down line in the digitised and hierarchical means of an anonymised and blindly operating executive.

oAnth - Muc, 2013-08-10 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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