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Oprah Winfrey 'victim of racism' in Switzerland : Billionaire told she can't afford expensive…

Oprah Winfrey ’victim of racism’ in Switzerland: Billionaire told she can’t afford expensive handbag - The Independent

Oprah’s allegations come amid a political row over plans by some Swiss towns to ban asylum-seekers from frequenting public places such as school playgrounds, swimming pools and libraries.

The draconian restrictions have been likened to Apartheid and angrily denounced by human rights groups as intolerable and racist.

Switzerland plays host to almost double the number of asylum-seekers per head of population of its European neighbours. It counts one refugee for every 332 inhabitants, compared to one per 625 inhabitants on the rest of the continent. Some 48,000 refugees are currently seeking asylum in Switzerland.

In June this year voters took part in a referendum which overwhelmingly backed moves to tighten asylum restrictions amid fears voiced by the popular right-wing Swiss People’s Party that the country was being inundated with refugees.

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