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Indonesia: Athlete Arrived Late for her Olympics Debut

With a population of 220 million, Indonesia is sending only 22 athletes to compete in seven sports events in the 2012 London Olympics. The small delegation was criticized when it was reported that 54 sports officials, or double the number of athletes, are attending the games too.

Diaz Kusumawardani, 16 years old, is one of the players competing in shooting the morning after the opening ceremony. She's the youngest athlete from the Indonesian contingent. Diaz grabbed the Olympics ticket after reaching the 388 limit score in the Asian Shooting Championship in Doha, Qatar last January, and she's supposed to be ready to make her Olympics debut in London. She was in fact released from the duty to march in the parade during the opening ceremony for her big time. But by the next morning her preparation suddenly fell apart.

Indonesian athlete Diaz Kusumawardani. Photo from twitter page of Diaz

She admitted it in her twitter account. Apparently, her coach told her that the race will begin at 9am. When they arrived in the venue, Royal Artillery Barracks, the race was set to begin at 8.15am and other athletes have already prepared their equipment.

She explains the morning rush in her twitter account: [Id]

@diazdkw Great ya, datang telat hasil tak maksimal.

@diazdkw: Great, arrived late and didn't reach maximal outcome.

@diazdkw Yang bilang tanding jam 9 itu siapa ya? Uhuk ga ikut TM sir

@diazdkw: Who said the race begins at 9 am? Did you attend the technical meeting?

@diazdkw Jangan sampe kesalahan tolol ini terjadi lagi ya, atlet dan pelatih harus tau tanding jam berapa. Jangan sampr misscom dan lebih profesional

@diazdkw: Next time, please avoid this stupid mistake. The athlete and the coach must know exactly what time they must be present in the venue. Avoid miscommunication and act more professionally.

Out of 56 contestants, Diaz finished second to the last. Her comments are of course a news material. The issue became a controversial topic in the mainstream and social media.

@zenrs Dg jumlah official 2 kali lipat lebih banyak dr jumlah atlet, masih ada cerita atlet datang mepet ke arena. Ngapain aja di sana official?

@zenrs: With more officials than athletes, we have situation like this, athlete arriving late in the venue. What are you doing there, officials?

@AyuWidy Diaz Kusuma satu2 nya atlit tembak Indonesia di Olimpiade telat dateng ke venue. Bener2 konsisten bawa budaya ngaret. Anda luar biasa!

@AyuWidy: Diaz Kusuma is the only Indonesia shooting athlete, but she came up late in the venue. Really consistent in bringing out our time discipline culture. You're amazing!

@ayshardzn Diaz Kusuma,1st Indonesian to compete in London (Shooting) came 1 hour late to venue. Finished 55th from 56. 1 hour late! #London2012

@khalidolit Atlet cabang nembak, Diaz Kusuma telat sejam ke venue. Karena telat adalah budaya bangsa.

@khalidolit: Diaz Kusuma, shooting athlete, arrived an hour late in the venue. Because being late is our nation's culture.

Last Monday, Diaz used her Twitter again to clarify that she didn't come late hours after the race began, but that she arrived when the race was about to begin.

@diazdkw konfirmasi ya, saya tidak telat sejam ke RAB. tolong dong jangan terlalu membesar2kan.

@diazdkw: I want to confirm, I didn't arrive an hour late to RAB [the venue]. Please don't overexpose it.

@diazdkw saya tidak pernah marah atau menyalahkan siapapun tentang hasil saya kemarin, saya minta kepada semuanya jangan membesar2kan ini.

@diazdkw: I have never been angry or blamed anyone about what I achieved yesterday, I beg people for not overexposing this.

Indonesia has collected six gold medals in Olympics history, all of them came from badminton.

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