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Four short links: 21 December 2011

  1. AntiMap -- open source Android software to gather arbitrary data and visualize it. This enables you to be a 21C Francis Galton, the man who walked the streets of England using a pin to prick holes on a cross of card in his pocket, all to keep track of the relative average beauty of women in different parts of the country. He was such an obsessive data gatherer that, during one particularly boring meeting, he kept track of fidgets from each of the other meeting participants. Now you can too.
  2. Defending Privacy at the U.S. Border: A Guide for Travelers Carrying Digital Devices (EFF) -- a must read guide for travelers with commercial, political, or personal confidences they would like to keep. (via Marcia Hofmann)
  3. TextSecure Open Sourced -- GPLv3 release of the source code to an encrypting text message app for Android.
  4. Meet the New Mozilla (David Ascher) -- Mozilla looks up from the browser and realizes apps and mobile are the new battlegrounds for proprietary vs open web. Bravo!

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