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Four short links: 8 December 2011

  1. Temporal Patterns of Happiness and Information in a Global Social Network: Hedonometrics and Twitter (PLOSone) -- Tweets involving the ‘fake news’ comedian Stephen Colbert are both happier and of a higher information level than those concerning his senior colleague Jon Stewart. By contrast, tweets mentioning Glenn Beck are lower in happiness than both Colbert and Stewart but comparable to Colbert in information content.
  2. Pricing Experiments You Can Learn From -- revealing the data from experiments which showed how to drive people towards higher prices.
  3. 10 Things I Learned at CrowdConf 2011 (Crowdflower) -- Using his newly released crowdsourcing platform Coffee & Power, Philip [Rosedale] developed his entire company infrastructure and platform through a globally distributed workforce. 288 contributors in 127 locations worked together to get this startup off the ground in a whole new way. The Coffee & Power platform was built in 1,700 commits ranging from $6 quality checks all the way up to full source-code editing. One element of this process was developing the Hudat iPhone app. In less than a month for $2,485, the Coffee & Power community got this mobile app up and running.
  4. Andi -- AGPL3-licensed spaced repetition flashcard system. (via Jack Kinsella)

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