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Egyptian parliamentary election, 2011–2012 | Compilation started 2011-10-22 | actualized 2011-11-07


An early parliamentary election will be held in Egypt from November 2011 onwards,[1] following the revolution which ousted President Hosni Mubarak, after which the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces dissolved the parliament of Egypt. Originally, the election was assumed to be held in September, but this was postponed.[why?][2]

The election will take place on the following dates:[3]

  • first stage: 28 November, run-off on 5 December;
  • second stage: 14 December, run-off on 21 December;
  • third stage: 3 January, run-off on 10 January.

Shura Council elections are to follow on 22 January 2012.[4]


source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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