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10 Questions for #Occupy Wall Street

Friends, it's easy to be against something. It is a whole other vegan burrito to provide workable and empirically tested policy prescriptions for what ails us. So far, I have seen none of that rigor coming out of the Wall Street protests or any of the other Occupy protests around the country and the world. Instead, I see more of the hyper-emotional knee-jerk prescriptions that got us in this mess, including government forgiveness of student loans (which would simply fast-start a another loan bubble, and re-ignite the financial crisis).Maybe it's time to tone down the rhetoric and get to work thinking through whether you are the solution or the continuance of the problem. In the meantime, this Recovering Radical will strive to abide in the realm of the workable, fundable, and achievable. Take what you like, and smoke the rest.



An unpleasant reminder! - anyway worth a reading: that's what is going on apart from the digitalized solidarity of protest and occupy activism and advocacy.
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