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Christian Jankowski: The Finest Art on Water / Frieze Projects, Frieze Art Fair 2011

No, Frieze Art Fair in London has not (yet) been bought by the Millionaire fair, but if the current trend continues, the only thing that separates them is slightly better taste (maybe). Anyway, the rich are now able to buy not only useless things like Tracy Emin neon signs and Gerhard Richter paintings, but also things you can actually have fun with. Lisson Gallery takes the lead by selling boats. Not the kind of boats you usually see at art fairs such as rubber boats as part of freaky DIY installations, no, real luxury boats, yachts, what else. What they offer is a nice little Riva boat and a slightly bigger vessel. The basic price is xxxxx, experts in this market would certainly confirm that this is a justified amount of money, but you can top it up by 10‘000 and you not only get a nice boat, but an artwork. In this video, we have a closer look at the boat, and xxx’s Brand Manager tells us why this is a good deal. Now, why can’t there be a fair that combines all these beautiful things? We would like to see a fair that combines all that makes sense from a billionaire’s standpoint: Frieze, Basel World, Millionaire Fair – please merge! Maybe we could add some weapon’s fair, too? (Comment by Bernard G. Gobel)

Christian Jankowski: The Finest Art on Water / Frieze Projects, Frieze Art Fair 2011. London / UK, October 12, 2011.

> Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) this link to download Quicktime video file.

In conjunction with a luxury yacht company, Jankowski’s project will employ a boat dealer to sell a full-size motor yacht from a conventional gallery stand. This luxury product will be available to buy not only as a boat, but also as a Christian Jankowski artwork. The potential client will be able to enter the salon to see the interior, and hear descriptions of the yacht/artwork.
Working in film, video, performance and installation, Jankowski’s work is collaborative in process, constructing situations that require the subjects to be complicit in his works. Whether wittingly or unwittingly, these participants, their responses and actions are often the crux of the work.

Christian Jankowski (b. 1968) is a German artist based in Berlin. Recent solo shows and projects include: The Perfect Gallery, Pump House Gallery, London (2010); Strip The Auctioneer, Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York; Jeck We Can, Julia Stoschek Collection, Duesseldorf (both 2010); Now For Something Completely Different, BAWAG Foundation, Vienna; Above All I’m an Art Lover, Regen Projects, Los Angeles (both 2009); and Dienstbesprechung, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Stuttgart (2008).

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