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// by oAnth:

I am not too sure, whether this trader is really as honest, as it may seem by a first superficial impression. May be he is right, that the Euro zone and the Euro itself will be collapsing within one year, but, what I really would question strongly, is that he is correct, when he states, that everyone has a realistic chance by using the down fall of the currency market to rescue his savings. It even is for me quite an effrontery as it is likewise a wrapped PR consequently following his own interest, that he dares to use the BBC programme for his IMO irresponsible proposals, and that obviously no one of the editorial staff of the news programme has the courage to invite someone from the meanwhile countless initiatives against the ongoing cynical abuse of tax payer bail out money, to confront the banking and the trader lobby with the inherent inconsistencies and consequences of this kind of argumentations: self fulfilling prophecy configured as a financial well positioned trap by hidden greed. //
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