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World: Mourning the Execution of Troy Davis

Despite the reprieve granted to Troy Davis earlier today, just over four hours after our last report, Davis was executed.

Around the world, and particularly in the United States, Twitter is in a state of morning. The hashtag #RIPTroyDavis is currently trending, and individuals are expressing their feelings about Davis's case, as well as about the state of capital punishment in the United States.

From Philadelphia, @ShamaraOnAir reports:

Watching CNN 11:08 was time of death #RIPTROYDAVIS

From Iowa, @Jasminenkelly tweets:

Racism and injustice still exists just on a different scale… we dnt have KKK's in sheets anymore they are our law makers. #RIPTROYDAVIS

Journalist Dan Gillmor rails against the death penalty, saying:

Bad enough that death penalty exists. But tonight, our system of “justice” killed another person whose guilt was hugely in doubt. Travesty.

From Barbados, @bajanswaggboy remarks:

#RIPTroyDavis. No murder weapon, no DNA, 7 of 9 witnesses recant their testimonies. Seriously? How do you execute someone without evidence?

And from the UK, @tweety_coco says:

Still in shock. Just cannot believe this can happen in 2011. #riptroydavis

Linda Sarsour (@lsarsour), a Palestinian-American activist, states:

#TroyDavis will be the fuel I need to continue my quest for social justice. He will never be forgotten. #RIPTroyDavis

While the case of Troy Davis has certainly drawn interest from the public, many are cynical that the case is a one-off, and that US citizens will not continue to fight against the death penalty. Or as Palestinian @Falasteeni put it shortly before the execution took place:

What saddens me most abt expected murder of #TroyDavis is tht nothing will happen, no movement will grow to make sure it never happens again

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