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"On Glocalization coming of Age" by Zygmunt Bauman

One is tempted to say: social inventions or re-inventions (as the newly invented/discovered possibility of restoring to the city square the ancient role of the agora on which rules and rulers were...



Stripping the place of its importance means that no place can any longer consider its own plight and potency, fullness or void, dramas played in and spectators they attract, as its private mattes. Places may (and do) propose, but it is now the turn of the unknown/uncontrolled/intractable/unpredictable forces roaming in the “space of flows” to dispose. Initiatives are as before local, but their consequences are now global, staying stubbornly beyond the predicting/planning/steering powers of the initiative’s birthplace, or any other place for that matter. Once launched, they – just as the notorious “intelligent missiles” – are fully and truly on their own. They are also “hostages to fate” – though the fate to which they are nowadays hostages is composed and perpetually re-composed of the on-going rivalry between locally laid out and hastily paved landing strips for the ready-made copycat patterns… The extant map or extant rankings of the established airports are here of no importance. And similarly of no importance would be the extant composition of the global air-traffic authority, were such an institution in existence – which it is not – of which the pretenders to such a role learn currently the hard way.


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