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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - " 6 Notturni " | 1786 

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The six Notturni, were published in 1803 under the name of Gottfried von Jacquin, a friend of Mozart’s. It was not until 1933 that they were restored to their rightful composer!

-"Due pupille amabili" KV 439 (?Pietro Metastasio)
-"Se lontan,ben mio,tu sei" KV 438 (Pietro Metastasio)
-"Ecco quel fiero istante" KV 436 (Pietro Metastasio)
-"Mi lagnerò tacendo" KV 437 (Pietro Metastasio)
-"Luci care,luci belle" KV 346/439a (Pietro Metastasio)
-"Più non si trovano" KV 549 (Pietro Metastasio)
Elly Ameling,soprano
Elisabeth Cooymans,soprano
Peter Van der Bilt,baritono

Dipinto di Ludovico Carracci

Links to scores to download and to the original Italian texts with translations in several languages you will find via

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