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Moldova: +1 Vote Campaign Buzz Ahead of Local Elections

Moldova’s capital Chisinau is set to witness another democratic exercise this Sunday, June 19, when the second and final round of the local election will decide whether the city will have a liberal or a communist mayor.

A group of bloggers has launched the +1 Vote online campaign to mobilize young people to go out and vote, regardless of their choice.

The bloggers are planning to do a mobilization dance on Sunday in Chisinau's National Square. They have a tune, they have the moves and with their bodies they will dance and write +1 Vote. To make sure it goes well, on Thursday, June 16, they held a rehearsal and were joined by many young people, including a newlywed couple (photo and video).

+1Vote mobilisation campaign logo

Bloggers have launched +1 Vote, an online mobilisation campaign

Launched on June 15, the +1 Vote campaign has seen a number of Facebook users change their profile photos to the +1 Vote logo and the campaign's Facebook page has already gathered more than 300 potential attendees.

The campaign has been largely featured in the mainstream media and has generated lively discussions in the blogosphere.

Katya Poclitari addresses [ro] her fellow citizens:

Each of us matters. Each vote matters and that +1 Vote will be the decisive one and will bring the change to us living in Chisinau – the people of this beautiful, rich and, hopefully, happy country.

PS: THE MOST IMPORTANT, before or after the +1 Vote dance, do not forget to go and vote.

Though the organisers have declared the campaign to be neutral, the blue colour used in the logo is the electoral colour of the liberal party. Eugeniu Luchianiuc does not agree [ro] to this and has made his own +1 Vote logo: red (communist party) and blue (liberal party), in order to be truly neutral:

I promote the idea that you have to go and vote. The choice is yours, that is why there are choices.

Nata Albot is going to join [ro] the +1 Vote campaign and here is why:

It is of interest to me, first of all because I will continue living in Chisinau; it interests me as an experiment to test the power of the internet and most of all because it harms no one.

“Let’s do it, CHIŞINĂU,” writes [ro] Andrei Fornea:

I believe in us more than never. Come on, mobilization!

Vadim Zgherea is taking part [ro] in the campaign, even though he has not yet reached the voting age:

I do not vote, I do not yet have the right age. I do not intend to justify myself, I just want to make a gesture. I want to encourage people to VOTE.

Alexandru Gurdila has reached the age allowing him to vote, but he chooses not to vote [ro]. Still, he has joined the campaign:

I know that I have made a fuss about not voting for the mayor. I will keep not voting. But this does not mean that you have to be like me.

Anna Antonoff has made her choice [ro]:

I am going to vote!!!
Are you?

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