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personal singularity countdown

based on naive optimism, prejudice and shameless self-centeredness.
the date numbering is decimal (=not months)

new distributed search engine appears.
bitcoin gains large-scale attention.

first knowlege engines hit the high-end sector.
mesh-networks gain large-scale attention.
bitcoin discussed as official currency in north-african and middle-east countries.

bitcoin has a share of about 0.1 (10%) share of the world economy.
yahoo and bing massively integrate results of distributed search engine.
decentralized public transport starts.
engineered languages/cultures get large public attention.

knowlege engines hit the mass market.
mesh-networks have a share of about 0.07 of internet traffic
first open hardware handheld hits the mass market.
dna-sequecing of humans costs around 2000 $ (15 BTC)

relatively save BCI becomes availabe.
first islands declare anarchy.
3D-printers hit the mass-market.
first superweapon developed that is never produced.
first decentralized energy-nets are built.

open knowlege engines become popular.
open operating systems on 1/3 of desktops.
public domain becomes largest-used "open source license"
cyborg movement and primitivist movement emerges.
robot cars are allowed in some countries.
agorists in usa outnumber marxists and libertarians.

fusion of apple and microsoft.
google realeses all code and joins the distributed search cloud.
internetworking is about 1/3 mesh networks.
open hardware becomes abou 1/4 of world production.
first cultured meat (grown without a concious animal) is successfully sold.

pirate parties in most european parlaments.
BCI hits mass market.
most national currecy is irrellevant.
labour- and unemployment- movement largely modernized, many companies run without bosses.

anarchy declared in south-west asia and large parts africa. discussed in india and japan and korea.
federated social networks outweight facebook.
hackerspaces outnumber schools.
most peoplehave rudimentary engelang-skills.

2/3 if world population are atheists.
humanoid robots hit mass market.
first largely scientifically accepted AGIs exist.
first GMOs with close-to-human intelligence are born.
3 inhabited space stations active.

massive riots in usa, russia and china. government semi-defunct.
peace and anarchy in middle east.
child-liberation movements get large influence.
human genome largely understood.
bitcoin becomes obsolete.

russia and usa declare bankrupcy, many parts go anarchy, others are effectively bought by coroporations.
large facilities on moon planned.
animal meat is largely frowned upon.
new internet protocol gets specified.

geopolitical anarchy globally established.
many recognize AGI-personhood.
fossil fuels depleted. "renewable energy" 0.85 of energy supply.
geengineering in active process.

quantum computers in first practical use.
world's computer cognition almost reaches world's human cognition.

personal singularity: most things that happen are beyond my current reach of imagination.
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