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Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759)
2009 Handel Year - 250th anniversary of Handel's death

in higher definition

Sacred Oratorio Theodora 2nd act, 1st scene:
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complete libretto

Scene 1 Valens, and Chorus of Heathens.

29. Recitative

Ye men of Antioch, with solemn pomp,
Renew the grateful sacrifice to Jove;
And while your songs ascend the vaulted skies,
Pour on the smoking altars floods of wine,
In honour of the smiling deities,
Fair Flora, and the Cyprian queen.

30. Chorus of Heathens

Queen of summer, queen of love
And thou, cloud-compelling Jove,
Grant a long and happy reign,
To great Cæsar, king of men.

31. Air

Wide spread his name,
And make his glory
Of endless fame
The lasting story.

32. Recitative

Return, Septimius, to the stubborn maid,
And learn her final resolution.
If ere the sun with prone career has reach'd
The western isles, she deigns an offering
To the great gods, who subjected the world
To conqu'ring Rome, she shall be free; if not,
The meanest of my guards with lustful joy
Shall triumph o'er her boasted chastity.

33. Chorus of Heathens

Venus laughing from the skies,
Will applaud her votaries.
While seizing the treasure
We revel in pleasure,
Revenge sweet love supplies.

complete libretto

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