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“EPIC SUCCESS” at eG8: La Quadrature Lawrence Lessig and other heroes make “Civil Society Hack” counter statement, Video here: Vimeo: Unbekannter Video-Titel


PK video at - permalink


  • oAnth

    Is this correct to speak about a success? - The question would be easier to answer if you/I were at Paris to observe the international reactions of all the representants and by the press.

    Following the live stream and the eG8 panel discussing principles of the internet for the #G8 - it was, I have to admit, just frustrating. Btw, Lessig said explicitely in the alternative PK, that all the discussions which went on for years seemed to be in vain. - At least, the necessity of an alternative eG8 / G8 proved to be obvious, and I guess, the whole eG8 event sparked more or less such an initiative for a parallel e-civil-society Gn;

    Successfull, yes, if you understand the alternative PK as an founding act, but - once again - very fustrating taking in account all the dicussions & engagements for years through countless online activities, which were relentlessly ignored by the eG8. The eG8 considers the e-civil society as a kind of online playstation - quite easily to switch on and off.

oAnth - via diaspora | 2011-05-26

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