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LarKC: the Large Knowledge Collider

The aim of the EU FP 7 Large-Scale Integrating Project LarKC is to develop the Large Knowledge Collider (LarKC, for short, pronounced “lark”), a platform for massive distributed incomplete reasoning that will remove the scalability barriers of currently existing reasoning systems for the Semantic Web.

This will be achieved by:

  • Enriching the current logic-based Semantic Web reasoning methods with methods from information retrieval, machine learning, information theory, databases, and probabilistic reasoning,
  • Employing cognitively inspired approaches and techniques such as spreading activation, focus of attention, reinforcement, habituation, relevance reasoning, and bounded rationality.
  • Building a distributed reasoning platform and realizing it both on a high-performance computing cluster and via “computing at home”.



LarKC – Getting Started

The overview and resources sections are good starting point for a more comprehensive view on LarKC’s principles, aims and its main focus.

LarKC’s developement is driven forward as an open-source project and developement results are released under the Apache 2.0 License in order to encourage third parties to actively contribute. Through such early-adopters we will create a community that gets early access to project infrastructure and that can contributes a large variety of different plug-ins to the LarKC platform.

In this spirit, the ideal place to start active involvment in LarKC’s developement is the project’s Sourceforge page along with the corresponding setup guide (pdf). The Sourceforge page also is the focal point for recent software releases, documentation, and the usual support channels (mailinglists, forums, …).

Up-to-date news about or relevant to LarKC are regularly posted on the LarKC project blog and we additionally maintain an official Facebook group for people working on the Large Knowledge Collider, or interested in using it.

LarKC – The Facts

Start: 01-April-08
End: 30-Sep-11
Duration 42 months
Budget (total): approx. €10 Mill.
EC contribution (total): approx. €7 Mill.
Partners (total): 13 (from 11 countries)
Project Number: FP7 – 215535


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