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12:50  Rep. Dennis Kucinich at Huff Post on "Kafkaesque" experience in being denied chance to meet with Bradley Manning.  Includes:  " I was also told that I could be subpoenaed to testify about the contents of my conversation with Pfc. Manning. This is a clear subversion of the constitutionally protected oversight process and it severely undermines the rights of any Member of Congress seeking to gather information on the conditions of a detainee in U.S. custody."


11:40  The German Parliament's human rights commitee protests treatment of Manning in the brig.  Even sends protest letter to Obama.

11:30  Hack In The Box -  a presentation on new whistleblower website, OpenLeaks,  by Assange critic,  Daniel Domschiet-Berg 

10:55  A kind of daily auto-Bradley Manning "journal." 


The WikiLeaks News & Views Blog for Wednesday, Day 137 | The Nation - Greg Mitchell - 20110413
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